HMS Boadicea

Discussion in 'History' started by WatcherRN, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. A relative of mine is a survivor (perhaps the last) of HMS Boadicea which was sunk in the Channel in 1944. He was one of 12 men recovered after the sinking.

    Because of this connection I am trying to write up an entry for this ship on Wikipedia. I'm not Navy (I've popped over from ARRSE) so I'm not up on sources etc. I've got some stuff from the records/historical branch at Portsmouth but anything else that you can help me with would be gratefully received.


  2. Hi My great uncle Frank Tucker was sadly on HMS Boadicea when it sank in 1944, he is listed as an MPK. He was not supposed to be on the Boadicea but he had missed his ship and was sent to join this one. He was an ordinary seaman, i am too trying to find out information on the ship and i am in the process of getting his service record to find out other information about him. He would have been between the ages of 19 and twenty five when he died. If ayone has any information i would be pleased to hear from you.
  3. Gembar,

    PM on its way.

  4. DESTROYER AT WAR: AN ANTHOLOGY OF FIRST HAND ACCOUNTS OF THE WAR AT SEA, by Ian Hawkins, Conway Maritime, 2003, ISBN 0851779476. Gives a comprehensive overview of particularly B Blass destroyers. Had it loan from the local library, and found it a cracking read.
    ADM 267/96 at the National Archive gives details of the sinking.
  5. Is that 'Bow-di-sea-ah' or 'Bow-dick-ah'?

    It's been asked a million times but never had the definative answer.
  6. I was taught the first at school, but every documentary I've seen lately uses the second.
  7. I was told it was Boo-dick-a and the correct spelling was Boudicca!

    Ask Karma or Maxi, they'll know.
  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Boudicca for the Queen following research which bowled out a mediaeval copying error. However the ship was HMS Boadicea, so pronounced, the name predating the revision of spelling and pronunciation. I trhink we'l find she was not the first of that name anyway.
  9. My cousin pronounces it as in sea i.e. Boadi-sea-a so thats official as far as I'm concerned.

    He tells me how they were pulled out of the sea, only 12 out of 188, and given vast quantities of rum. Says he was plastered by the time they got back on shore. Their clothese were all ruined so they were stood in all sorts that they were given by the crew of the rescuing ship. Ended up in the US waiting to pick up a new ship when the war ended.
  10. She was from down south so not our part of ship so as to speak

    Try Karma
  11. Depends on your age, ...cea is the old pronunciation. like wise with King Tut old name, now ...moon!
  12. A bit like Muslims. When I was at school we were taught in RE to called the Moslems - Mozz-lems or Mohammedans.
  14. ======================


    Like many on here I've sailed/steamed over/near the HMS BOUDICEA wreck site off Portland many a time but had been blissfilly oblivious of that sinking and rescue until now: HMS Boadicea (H65) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Hello Chris Wad and welcome to Rum Ration.

    This is quite an old thread and both WatcherRN (re:Boudicea survivor) and Gembar (re: Boudicea casualty) have posted nothing else since around the thread was started early in 2008. (I know for certain that some other contributors to this thread have also drifted away in the interim.)

    So, unless they clock in regularly, it’s highly likely that WatcherRN may not get to discover your news, which would be rather a shame for your Grandfather.

    The vast majority of RR contributors have profiles containing no contact details (“PERSEC” = Personal Security) but, on registering at this site, everyone must lodge their email address with the Administrators.

    It may be a long shot but if you are still keen on contacting either of them I’d suggest that you send an email referring to this Thread and your post to [email protected] explaining the situation and asking the Site Administrators to kindly forward it to WatcherRN/Gembar on your behalf.

    It’s got be worth a try so just please let us know how it all pans out, please.

    Best regards and much respect for your Grandfather :salute: :salute:

  15. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    HMS Coventry, or whichever the penultimate T22 B2 was, was going to be called Boudicea. There was lobbying to carry the names of the T42s lost in 82, so they changed the rules for the T22s. Which was handy for us in London, as we were going to be HMS Bloodhound....
  16. I've just forwarded chris wad's email to WatcherRN and Gembar so hopefully they be able to get in touch.
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  17. awk

    awk Midshipman

  19. About Boudicea was from the south ffs, she was the Queen of the Iceni tribe, who were east Anglian. My old schoolboys society was known as the Icenians.:whdat:

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