HMS Bigbury Bay

Discussion in 'History' started by cheddar-caveman, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. Anybody out there still who was on the Bigbury Bay 1956-57 "cruise" to the West Indies?
  2. My God - am I the only one left of the 150+ crew???
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    Being the Goody Goody of the ship you are the only one left, the others having long passed away from strange tropical dieseses caught from exotic local women and septic tourists or excess consumption of rums various.

    Now go back to your knitting and be a good boy.

  4. No, you're not alone. I served on that commission also - the one where our skipper George Hunt became the first SNOWI after the America and West Indies Station was closed.
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  5. Hi there Mercator - so who are/were you on the BB? I was the lowest of the low - REM2 usually seen scrubbing the radar office deck! My first ship in the RN and very green at the time. Seem to remember it was pretty rough on the way out there.

    Nutty - a bit of a caustic reply there, all this goody-goody and knitting stuff. Nothing better to do?
  6. I was the young Scribes. Or youngish - I shipped a hook during the first cruise down through the islands, which meant I no longer had to sit around the fanny peeling spuds after breakfast and dinner each day. Bliss!

    My memories are of a very happy ship and I am sorry to have lost touch with everyone. I've lived in Australia for 40 years as of this year, which hasn't helped matters. You're the only one with whom I have made contact.

    It's getting a bit late here (10.10pm) so I'll have to catch up with any reply a little later.
  7. Hi again Mercator. Good to make contact after all these years. Must admit though, I can't remember your good self, or probably anyone else for that matter.

    Sweet Dreams!

    This picture was taken during a vivit to an oil refinery in Curacao. Were you here by any chance? I'm the nearest on the right!


    I tried to post another picture of the whole ships company but the site will only accept one per post I think.
  8. I am not in that photo but recognise most faces and can put names to many. I recognise you. Great photo to add to my slim collection.

    If the photo of the Ship's Coy you mention is the one taken on the fo'castle at Ireland Island, with the old yankee Liberty class tub in the background, then I've got a copy. Do you remember that tub, and the raids on the customs-embargoed stocks in an old dockyard warehouse on the island that saw most of us stocked up with enough free smokes and K-rations to last a couple of months?
  9. That's a great photo Cheddar. But have you all just been informed that the bar is now closed? Not one glimmer of a smile amongst two dozen matelots on a run ashore? P'raps someone had just said, "One beer each lads, then it's back on board to prepare for SNOWI's rounds."

    Serious hat on:- We followed shortly after you. HMS Ulster, WIGS from October '58 to Oct '59. Some seriously GREAT runs ashore.
    Just in case there is anyone lurking out there who hasn't yet heard -


    Hotel is already booked, about 30 of the ship's company, plus wives/partners are already signed up. We are looking for stragglers. PM me, or Google "HMS Ulster" to find out the details.

  10. Ah yes - I'd forgotten the old LCT I think it was. They'd had a fire on board and she was carrying army MRE's and we could more or less just help ourselves. Certainly suplemented the BB rations! Fags (Chesterfield's) chocolate bars etc etc. I remember one of the favourite (with the cook only) main courses on the BB was layer pie? Layers of streaky bacon, onion and potato! Ugh:tongue6: Makes me heave just to think of it! Come to think of it, I did a fair bit of heaving on the way out there!

    Yes Z-M, some great runs ashore. You could get just about anything for a block of Pussers Hard! We did have a bit of a problem in Jamaica I recall, riots in the cane fields and we sent a landing party ashore to "quell" them! Twelve young lads with the old LE's against thousands of locals with bloody great matchets! Luckily they didn't attack us after a couple of rounds over their heads! If you look where I'm looking, who I'm looking at, that's the reason for my sullen look. Not sure why all the others look a bit grumpy. Could be the one drink only syndrome!

    I can certainly send you a copy of the Refinery picture M. Is your email available somewhere? I'll have a look and send it over. I'd also appreciate putting a few nomes to faces in the pic. The only one I know for certain is "Stripey Howe"! The black bearded B*****D opposite me! See comment in previous para!

    Yes the other pic is the one on the fo'rcastle. I'll attach it here for anyone else out there to see it.

  11. Hi Cheddar,

    I've got that photo. If you can see the Cox'n (centre of the three chiefs at front, right) I'm the tall bloke with the S&S style hat just to the left of the Cox'n in the third row. SA Langford, a little shorter, is on my right (or left of me in the photo). I've tried to spot you, based on your image in the Curacao pic, but can't. I can put names to a great many in this photo of the entire ship's coy. Doc Peacock, the ship's comedian, was presiding over things, as usual, from top dead centre, under the mast.

    You're right about Stripey Howe in the Curacao photo. I think he was also known as "Gibberly". To his right and closer to the camera is Stores PO(S) Sheridan, and the closest to the camera opposite you is the Stores PO(V), whose name escapes me. On Gibberly's left is another three-badger.

    2BM is right about the lack of air of celebration! Perhaps it was low-alcohol beer.

    Cheddar - please check your private mail - I left a message for you this morning.
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  12. I have only just found this forum. in reply to your request " am i the
    only one left from Bigbury bay".
    I served on her at the same time as you. I was an O/D sparker.
    The killick sparker was Johnson. :lol:
  13. Hi cheddar glad to see a few of the old crew are still around. I was a young OD / AB on the B.B 1956-1957.i have been in Australia for the last 33 years'so have lost track of every one.It was a good trip'
    still remember some of the runs ashore. best wishes jan.b
  14. bigbury bay

    I was on the 56-57 west Indies cruise, name Peter Downs ship,s diver also Leading seaman, would love to chew over old times, remember my mate tug wilson singging up the mast only in a towel on his birthday in bermuda
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  15. Just discovered this site.
    I was a mechanician on that cruise, other members of the "Tiffies mess were "Joss jordan, "Spud" Murphy , John Bradshaw, Jim Packer and "Ginger Bunting the chief ERA. Chief skoker was Sid Plampin(?)
    I remember playing floodlight water polo in Curacao, got our butts kicked big time!
    Ihave a copy of the crew pic. and some of the laying up of the colours in Hamilton.Lot ofother great memories.
  16. Dear Reg
    Would love to see some of the old phot,s, and chew over old times, do you remember my mate Doc Pearson, the SBA, other names were stripey howe, tug wilson the other diver with me, I was a leading seaman, qaurter deck, anyway i now am well retired and live in Thailand, my e mail is [email protected] if that is easier, hope to hear rrom you, Peter.
  17. Can you post it on here please Reg.
  18. Parade for laying up the Queen's Colour. Hamilton ,Bermuda

    Attached Files:

  19. By the way he's got his legs spread it looks like the I/C of the left hand guard woke up with a hangover and a 10 bob note next to him that morning!!
  20. Thanks Reg, can you post the crew pic aswell.

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