HMS Bellerophon

Discussion in 'History' started by RoyalMarineNZ, Nov 29, 2010.

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  1. As a young bootneck I did my seamanship training on HMS Sheffield in 1964, also alongside at that time was HMS Ramehead and HMS Volage, collectively known as HMS Bellerophon.which was at Whale island..question is...what was the purpose of HMS Bellerophon..surely not just for seamanship for Booties???
  2. HMS Bellerophon was the name given to the ships in the reserve fleet at Pompey iirc
  3. Whale Island was also home to HMS Excellent Gunnery School, LR Leadership Course, and one time home to the Jennies from HMS Dolphin.

    The NAAFI do's there used to be okay too !! :)
  4. The leading rate --seamanship school -- was near the PT school HMS Temeraire [1971] but it was there long before 1970 at Flathouse
    behind the dockyard

  5. Concur. :)
  6. The last time I visited Bellerophon it consisted of HMS Dido and HMS Cleopatra (Cruisers), then I got drafted to a Guzz ship and never looked back!

  7. Not when I did mine in 1967 (IIRC) ... it was on the Island itself, and we messed there also, but then the Island is behind the 'Yard (sort of) I agree.

    I still remember the wading through the mud flats with the constructed raft of drums and planks etc, then paddling out to some sort of structure in the Harbour ...... the cliff and chasm / assault course runs, the PT, the drill, the sport, the lectures (given and received) :( .... all well worth it when we received our 1 on 1 tot at the end of the day !! :D
  8. White mouse the AB's and Leading Seaman could do a set course and exam for higher rate if they requested and had been recommended for higher rate. The seamanship school was where i said

    No such thing as Leadership school then for Killicks --my "leadership course " was done at Royal Arthur as a acting P.O .
    Confirmed L/hand at sea doing the job!
    Whale Island was a gunnery school only in my day like Vernon was TAS and the other single branch schools in the Portsmouth area .

    Had a big Navy then and a big reserve fleet

  9. They used to do power of command courses at "Phoenix" the fire fighting school when I was in. I took my Leading rate exam in the far flung as did a lot of bods..
  10. I always thought Bellerophon was uk based FMG (Fleet Maintenance Group) ...but I could be wrong...I usually am...

  11. From Shore Establishments of the Royal Navy by Lt Cdr Ben Warlow RN:

    Did it look anything like this?

  12. Might be cross purposes here .. :scratch:

    The Leading Rates Leadership Course is what I was talking of. On my course there were 16 (I think) in teanms of 4.
    I recall a couple of stokers, some Dabbers, and myslef was a Dusty.
    If there was a Seamanship Schoool, then I bow to your knowledge.

  13. I did a leading rate leadership course in '67 at Whale Island, and it was as Whitemouse describes.

  14. Sensible question deserves a sensible answer ……

    HMS Bellerophon was a stone frigate sited on Whale Island and was charged with the UK fleet maintenance operation…This included looking after the small fleet of ships that lay in mothballs alongside and up Fareham Creek.
    The mainstay though was carrying out planned maintenance on commissioned ships of the fleet …as most ships carry enough crew to run and repair machinery but not to carry out major overhauls fleet maintenance filled the gap…
    Bellerophon consisted mainly of stokers and greenies…usually paired up with mechanitions and tiffies …the work consisted of collecting a job card off the Chief Tiff and after finding the ship carrying out the required work…usually stripping off the lagging and casings and checking shafts and bearings for wear….If the machinery had to be removed there was a slinging party and also there was a lagging party who moved in after units were reassembled…
    The area covered was all points west and east as far as the Gulf….East of Suez was covered by HMS Triumph in Singapore ….
    Every now and then deployments were flown out to work on ships as far away as America and the Gulf..usually lasting about 3 weeks …
    Bellerophon had ships and premises under it’s wing that were used for courses and accommodation but it’s main purpose was to carry out fleet maintenance …

    hope this helps…..

  15. I'll dig out my piccies from the junk room, and post them, you never know we might have been on the same course ..... ;)
  16. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    In 1959, having been blessed with the task of Boats Officer in HMS Tiger, I thought it prudent to inquire into the seamanship training of the Ship's Coy booties I was to be allocated to crew the pinnace. Sarnt Major: (Stamp, bang, crash, salute!) "SAH! They have DONE SEAMANSHIP!" Turned out they had spent a week on board Vanguard somewhere up the creek in Fountain Lake. Turned out later they had spent the week practising for a Guard. They did a grand job though - Booties always do.
  17. Yes, thank you NG. Not bad for a "shore base". :lol:

  18. Sept '67, or could've been Oct... memory fading.

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