HMS Astute Shooting; Trial Verdict

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by diesel, Sep 19, 2011.

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  2. I think this particular boat is going to be jnxed throughout its career. Thoughts and condolences to the bereaved family
  3. Jinxes are often self-fulfilling prophecies.

    A terribly sad case with such horrific consequences. Condolences to everyone concerned.
  4. A tragic shocking business, I am puzzled by the statement that 'he was put on sentry duty despite being drunk'.
  5. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Draft stopped for not scrubbing out? I think a bit has been missed. He appears to have been an active malcontent with uncontrolled violent streak who had no place on any submarine, ship or hire car taking sailors on weekend. I bet Cardigan Bay are breathing a sigh of relief.

    Submarine shooting sailor pleads guilty to murder of fellow officer | UK news |

    Drunk and on sentry duty shouldn't be a puzzle if an unhinged, refusing to play sailor, gangsta fantasist loon was acceptable as a member of a boat's crew. Some dangerous people are forgiven, overlooked, tolerated, humoured, feared and they carry on until someone (and their family) really suffers.

    Someone will be along to say; I warned you about this cnut.

  6. How long ago was it they would hang him from the front of his ship/boat?
  7. About 150 years.
  8. The fringe was warning enough. What a scruffy cúnt.
  9. I am not sure what you are trying to say, is it that the duty officer/ senior rates or the rating he relieved failed to realise that he was under the influence?
  10. I think we should be a bit wary of trying to draw conclusions from a journo's version of events.For the sake of space they sometimes edit out linking details.I am glad that Donovan pleaded guilty and didn't go down the road of "diminished resposibilty" to somehow mitigate his crimes.Although some may have been ready to give it some credence given the circumstances.
  11. Having read it through twice and used the find function, I can't find that statement anywhere in the article??
  12. You are indeed correct, however it was there on the original but has since been removed, you will see at the top it was updated at 1713.
  13. LMM


    It definitely was reported that he was drunk earlier today, however, the BBC is now saying 'Donovan volunteered for guard duty and after passing a simple sobriety test - which involved an officer smelling his breath - he was assigned the gun'
  14. Oh dear. stand by for the biggest knee jerk since Micheal J fox's second honeymoon.
  15. LMM


    Daily Mail story says
  16. But 50 since they would have hanged him in private.
  17. The question was referring to being hung from 'the front of his ship/boat?' which I assume means the yardarm.

    So about 150 years then.
  18. Now that is shocking. Being allowed to get drunk whilst in custody?
  19. LMM


    I thought that was the norm in prisons these days? Drink, drugs and loose women isn't it? Oh, and not forgetting phones in cells if the current lot get their own way
  20. Yes I'm sure it's absolute luxury.

    Which lot? The Tories?

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