HMS Astute launch

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by spearfish, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. So which RR members are going to be there on Friday?
  2. I,ve heard a buzz that the Equador navy is showing some interest to purchase before she's even launched
  3. I will take my sombrero then.I bet they have never seen one of those in Barrow!
  4. Omg I'd love it if I passed for the Submarines and got to serve on it one day!

    But I'm guessing it'll probably be for Submariners who've served a minimum 10 years or something!
  5. There will be strong interest in the stats of this ' boat ' in many parts of the globe. I can only imagine what life underwater will be like with so many nations increasing their submarine fleets , nukes , with awesome power . The use of a nuclear fleet achieves a great advantage over any missile bases of a fixed nature and on land . With the speed and mobility the nukes can be anywhere so everybody wants them. Problem will be with so many and not knowing who's who . Probably make the old ' sneakies 'look like sunday school outings. Will the new ' boats ' be ( or are they ) detectable by satellite I wonder. What puzzles me though is the way all this info is made public , what happened to security . One thing for sure the new breed of submariners will have to be very strong psychologically I reckon so will the entry tests be more thorough . Hard to imagine for an old D/E bloke .
  6. So that is a big zero so far then!!
  7. If I can get Pusser to pay for a duty trip home for me from Fassers, I'll gladly go!
  8. Be quick or, by the time you get there, Desmond Browne might well have sold it to some S. American buyer or other
  9. We got couple our guys going up to visit one of the row boats up there tomorrow for couple days. They dont want to be there Friday becasue of trying to get out to catch the flight home incase the Anti brigade are expressing their opinions outside the gate....
  10. Pardon?
  11. i dunno, just saying what the guys going up there said
  12. Have you tried lying down in a darkened room?
  13. Why would I want to be like you Fred ?? :afro:
  14. Was going to pop down, but can't get the time off work. Danny will be there with the Lancashire
  15. Pragmatism?
  16. Or just a slow day at work.....
  17. Was working with one of my lot to try and get in but apparently it was too late to get on the guestlist - rechecking sy and all that stuff... :angry3:
    Oh well, mebbe next time.

  18. had a quick peak. theres not really a lot to watch. not like when they launch a suraface ship.
  19. Your quite right. Apparantly it's going to sit on the dock for a few days outside the shed
  20. MoD website has a full size cut out and keep picture of the Astute you can print out........ please bear in mind the actual boat is a big bugger thats a lot of f%^king trees you gonna need to print that out.....

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