HMS Ark Royal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by brianhrfc, Feb 20, 2011.

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  1. Tuesday 22nd February 2011, on discovery channel. Auriga 10 onboard HMS Ark Royal. Her last ever deployment.
  2. One to watch.
  3. proper ship...!
  4. watched it last night and still wonder why,if Harriers are good enough for the USMC[an attack force primarily] why we gave them up?
    Watching the pilot try to hit the towed drogue brought back memories of the Scimitars and Sea Venoms on the Vic trying the same thing.
    I'd like to say they more accurate but I can't remember but I do recall they were very good with the Aden cannon.
    Guess it's harder than it looks.
    No moans from the Yanks this time re taking off from the Ski Ramp,after the Lusty programme I'd be surprised if they didn't incorporate them on the USMC carriers
    A bit of smug satisfaction from the crew!Good to watch.
  5. Err! I think I meant Sea Vixens,aircraft recognition is not my strong point.
    Wings and engines is as far as I know.
    Good job I missed the Falklands as some Harriers may have been in trouble!
  6. 4 weeks on the trot I've been shown on this programme!!!
  7. Was it a bad case of 'Delhi Belly'?
  8. Would be easier to handle!
  9. Just sat through the entire Sailor series from 1976, showing the last great British Aircraft Carrier R09. Brought back some magical memories of a great ship and a fantastic last commision tour. Also good to hear that some of the Ark old boys are still with us and managing to get to reunions.
  10. Certainly are.....Had dinner with the Steam Cat Launch officer on Saturday, he was ready to launch when we ran over the Kotlin, in the Med. I was on the bridge.......small world. Sadly neither of us get to reunions.
  11. Recorded the series on Virgin+, been busy with OU so only just watching it now!

    Great series and good to see the METOC section on the ball in every episode so far!!
  12. I don't suppose anyone has a way to watch this online? As I was in Australia when it was on and we were in the process of switching Set Top Boxes so couldn't record it either! D'Oh! Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  13. A very good friend of mine's Dad was an AEO on one of the squadrons while the filming was going on, sadly no longer with us Lt Stuart Fraser....anyone remember him?
  14. 1976........How do you mean old boys still with us?
    I was 26 in 1976, so 61 now. Fuckin hell whats the life expectancy down your way?..and can you let me know where that is so I can avoid it like the bleedin plague.:-|
  15. I spent 77 till the end on the Ark as a killick phot. Loved it. Drafted to culdrose and snapped the new one as it sailed through the channel for delivery.
    I rather hoped the new carrier would have been named Ark Royal.
  16. Does anyone have a valid reason as to why the ATCO wears a flying overall when she works in some sort of flyco-bridge type place??
  17. If and when the new carriers are commissioned there will be no one left with the expertise to operate them, the crabs did the Andrew up like a kipper by offering up the harrier. The First Sea Lord might as well hand the keys back now and close the door on his way out.
  18. And switch the lights out....lets think green.
  19. Finks, I reckon your wrong,all the training for the aircrew, flyco, cats, and flight deckcrew will be incorporated into the Nintendo DS 3D console. Kinnect was a front runner but failed miserably on trials, too much arm waving at the controller, aircraft on approaches thought they were being waved off. Believe Waspie and JFH doing initial trials. MLP doing the on site training at Culdrose.:crying:

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