HMS Ark Royal

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by DSavin, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just passing out from HMS Collingwood as an ET(WE) and am moving to the Ark Royal.

    Just wondering if anyone from here is going to be there.

    Dave :D
  2. I'm there.
    Don't worry - your first 5 CVS are the worst
  3. Mmmmm. Could have sworn we only had 3 and one of them is always mothballed. Must be a WAFU thing. :wink: :lol:
  4. Negative ship mate.

    You are correct in your observation that we only HAD 3 (down to two now)
    I was referring to numbers of times around the bouy

    x 3 Carriers x 2 full sea drafts on each = 6. This being my 6th I thought I would not make it sound so bad for the chap.

    Oh and by the way go wash your mouth out.........
    There is only one F in WAFU and we all know what that stands for........

    This call sign is definately Fish head ships Co 8)
  5. I stand corrected and you have now obviously confirmed yourself as a 'Carrier Queen' of the highest order.

  6. WAFUphobia. sounds bitter and twisted.
  7. Not Bitter and twisted

    Just realistically cynical :wink:
  8. You in th ET 05/03 or ET06/01, coz im in 06/02 and aint got my draft through yet should be coming in couple of weeks, but ive heard that a couple of other ppl from the classes above r going there as well, at least u wont be alone, unlike me i put in for 22 and then found out i was the only person in my class to do so.

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