HMS Ark Royal Association


A new HMS Ark Royal Association has recently been formed, primarily aimed at anyone who served on HMS Ark Royal V (R07) but those who served on Ark Royal IV (R09) are welcome too.

Joining the HMS Ark Royal Association costs just £10. Note that this is a Joining Fee and not an annual subscription. Whether the Association will have an annual subscription or not will be decided by the Membership at the first AGM in Summer 2018.

For your £10, you will receive a credit card style membership card, two newsletters per year and the right to attend all Association functions.

We intend to hold Association social functions, both formal and informal, in various parts of the UK, not just in the Portsmouth Area.

In time, we would like have representation at some national events including the annual Remembrance Ceremony at The Cenotaph in London. Any representation at these events would be strictly members only.

To join online now please visit our

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