HMS Argyll - Visit to North Shields - 21st March

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Murph, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. While waiting for my start date I've been given the opportunity to look round a Type 23 Frigate. Hoping it will be an interesting day out.

    Anyone else going on this day?

  2. Is it open to the public?
  3. try ringing your careers office they may know if it's open to visitors

  4. Did they phone you to tell you about it or send you a letter, and also, how far down the queue are you? I'm interested in going to see the ship, i'm just wondering if you've had to of passed the medical/PJFT etc before they'll inform you of this sort of thing? So far i've got as far as passing the RT in October.
  5. Yea he rang me last week and asked if I would be interested in having a look round. I don't think it's open to the general public as on the letter it says by personal invite, as for waiting time, been waiting since september/ October 2009.
  6. Hey Murph, I'm a applying for Observer in the FAA, went on a brilliant POAC course in Culdrose last week. I have also been given a visit on Argyll.

    However, although I've received the train tickets for the Journey, I have received NO INFORMATION about the actual visit itself.

    Contacted AFCO and ACLO. But just wondered if any one could send me any information they have @ [email protected].

    Many thanks.
  7. Ill email you now.
  8. Hi there.

    I'm travelling from Middlesbrough by car with the CA from my AFCO.
    The ships tour starts at 1100 until approx 1230.

    Hope this helps
  9. Quick Picture from the day.


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