HMS Argonaut and its unwelcome visitor

I am attaching some copies of images taken from slides of the bomb that hit Argonaut during the Falklands War.

These were taken either by my father Lt Cdr Brian Dutton or members of his team. As Dad passed away in April I cannot comment accurately on the context of the images which were printed from 35 mm slides found in his home office.

The quality is as seen, no selfies in those days and film quality is not what we see on digital cameras nd 35mm slides deteriorate. The titles are my own attempts at interpreting the images.

So any former Argonauts or people who had contact please feel free to comment and add to what we know.

My aim is to archive his extensive photographic collection and share it with as many interested parties in the RN network as well as family. That way there will be an archive for the families of those who worked alongside him in his 37 years in the RN as well as us, three very proud brothers.

I would very much appreciate that Cdr Layman is alerted to these pics. He attended dad's funeral and gave us three brother some incites we were not aware of.


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