HMS Apollo Fastest ship in the RN???? 40 KNTS

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by scouse, Dec 14, 2011.

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  1. I suppose,regretfully, you can't count small ships as we,on the Brave Swordsman always carried a plaque stating we were the fastest warship in the world.
    42/4 knots was cruising speed and if we didn't load the four fish over 50 knots was often done,I know because I was on the wheel a lot of the time for speed trials.
    I seem to remember in my day HMS Manxman did 40 knots but I never saw her although from the tales told it was true.
    The old story of a USS destroyer signalling to Manxman "See you in port " and the old girl opened up and went past her.
    That story did the rounds and I guess someone will know if it's true.
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    Oddly enough I read somewhere only recently that the MANXMAN had once clocked up 42.5 knots.

    Her website indicates 42 Kn had been achieved and includes several True Dits - Including one from her WW2 CO of the time he made a quick dash & took her close into Italian waters for a minelaying operation, disguised as a French Warship and wearing the Fr. Uniforms & Ensign!


    Hms Manxman Operation Mincemeat Aug 1941


    A boiler Room Phot 'specially for Stirling & the other RR stokee boys to drool over:

  3. was"nt there a mutiny onboard in the fifties?
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If correct: HMS MANXMAN - THE BOSONS LOCKER - Can You Help

    I'd always assumed Manxman was the fastest war canoe. Arguably, 50 years later, the only reason we no longer have ships capable of such speeds is because of cost of machinery & the fuel they guzzle.

    I notice we don't see many Navy News pictures of Commanding Officers water-skiing behind their warship nowadays, but at £1.40 a litre it's perhaps understandable.
  5. My "Old fella" was on the Welshman during WW2, sister to Manxman. During his uncle Albert bits, he used to state that she held the record for the fastest run between Gib and Malta on the supply run. Unfortunately she never out ran the torpedo that sunk her on one of those runs. Sunk on 1 Feb 1943 by U-617
    The Old fella spent several hours in the water, but survived the war.
  6. I have always understood "Operation mincemeat" to have been "The man that never was" episode!

  7. I'm pretty sure the Type 21's were capable of 40 kts and they weren't small ships.

    I stand to be corrected just mearly answering the OP's titled question.
  8. Having looked it up Type 21's top speed was given as 30 knots max chat.
  9. Pretty sure off paper they did more. As they were capable of water skiing off the back.

    I am sure I remember those o spoke to from the 21 club said they did 40 including my brother who was on the Active but I may be mistaken.

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  10. There was indeed a mutiny aboard APOLLO in Guzz in 1958. It all came to light when a member of the press phoned the local CinC to ask if it was true, and the reply was more or less "What mutiny ?".
    I saw the file when I worked at the MoD some time back. For anyone interested, it's Case 11543 in ADM 116, can't remember the piece number though. I'm sure I've some of it photocopied somewhere if anyone's really interested. Certainly a good read.
  11. Tommo

    re the type 21's top speed, I was just using google search for the spec's. I was serving when they came in (and still serving when they went out again, how ferkin' old am I!!!), I never served on one but I never saw (or heard) of one doing 40 knots. Maybe Asst Ed may have something in an old Navy News as the pusser is bound to have bigged that up.
  12. I am getting some Clarification on the 21s I found out officially 32kts was the top speed but my brother is speaking to some of the stokers to get an unofficial speed they got.

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  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Some of the type 14's could manage 32+ knots with everything screwed down, we were up to something like that on the Ulster 61/62 when British Hondurus (Belize) kicked off and we came out of Ireland Island, Bermuda working up to flat out, there were a lot of friendly yachtsmen about that day, well they were all waving at us.

    Brocklesby an old Hunt class destroyer converted to AUWE trials ship in the '60's could better 30 knots.
  14. Pant pant.
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  15. Was watching Arrow on trials, light no Exocet, 37 Kts. if memory serves. she did a Williamson the wrong way for one run, V close.
  16. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Manxman was always credited with the title in the early 50's. At what speed though I have no memory.
  17. TROUBRIDGE as a Type 15 reached 36 knots in post-refit trials off Malta 1964, same speed as she was designed for when built in WW 2. There was a famous race between RAPID and CAVALIER in the 70s, but can't remember who won (sun dodging at the time) - both were doing well over 3ok.
  18. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Cavalier did, by a short head.

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