HMS ANTRIM’s Captain’s DSO auctioned for £44k

Discussion in 'History' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Captain Brian Young DSO, on the right, (1930 – 2012 RIP) commanded TF 3179 during the mission to recapture South Georgia - Operation Paraquat* which ended the three-week occupation of the island by Argentine marines.

    5th Dec 2012: <<… Auction Description: The Important Falkland WarTask Force 3179 Commander's, Recapture of South Georgia DSO Group of Four Medals.

    This important group was awarded to Captain Brian Young DSO who was tasked with the Command of Operation Paraquet the recapture of the island of South Georgia and thus turning the tide of the South Atlantic War infavour of the British Forces.

    Comprising: Distinguished Service Order (EIIR engraved1982), Naval General Service Medal, clasp "Near East", "Lieut B.G. Young R.N.", Campaign Service Medal, clasp "Malay Peninsula","Lt Comdr B.G. Young RN", South Atlantic Falklands Medal, with rosette "Capt B.G. Young HMS Antrim". The group remains originally mounted as worn by Captain Young. GC ...

    The group is accompanied by a very large archive of original ephemera including:
    Falklands War period Original HMS Antrim Captain`s Night Order Books (2) ...
    Pilots flying log books covering the period February 1953 until October 1970 (4 Books) ...
    Large quality of photographs, following Captain`s military career ... Quantity of uniform insignia.
    Overall GC….>>

    Lot 365 - Medals & Militaria Antiques (Catalogue 2842256) - Bosleys Military Auctioneers - Auction Catalogues - - Bid online at real auctions

    *Operation Paraquet/Paraquat:

    One lengthy (and critical) analysis of this phase of Operation CORPORATE is "The Recapture of South Georgia" by David Kenney under the heading of 'Honour Regained' at Operation Paraquat

    Incidentally, at the same auction at Marlow his peaked/scrambled-egg Geives cap raised £140 under a separate lot No.
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