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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by 305efh, Oct 31, 2011.

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  1. Research for AIB....

    HMS ANSON's pennant number is declared as S124 on the RN website but this does not follow a logical order (AUDACIOUS is S122). Our old friend Mr Wikipedia tells me that ANSON's pennant is S123 (which seems logical); which is correct?

  2. I don't think you need to worry about that for the AIB.
  3. As Drakey says, far too much detail for AIB. Maybe the 7 boats names if asked or even the type 45's names but I doubt you'll need that. Could be wrong but how many of each may be more relevant.
  4. Thanks...

    But as guilty as I may be of research overkill I still maintain that knowledge is the bomb and (in an OCD kind of way) still need closure on this!
  5. How would I go about the "what ship is that on the wall?" question then? I know what the difference (visually) between the different types of destroyers and frigates etc are. But, apart from knowing the pennant number, how would I be able to nail down which specific ship it is?
  6. Knowing the difference visually is all you need. Your not taking part in a shipspotting competition.
  7. Noted. Cheers. (Still think they've cocked up on the website though)
  8. Could you give a link to the relevant page, please, 305?
  9. ANSON name was originally assigned to Boat 6 with AGAMEMNON being Boat 5, however ANSON is now name of Boat 5 - this may explain the discrepancy! But anyway, as previously stated, there are probably more important things to worry about!
  10. On the MoD website and others there are discrepancies in the T boat pennant numbers. I'm sure we wrote SSN14 on the logs sheets when I was on Turbs. That's not the number given on any website, similarly Traf was SSN13 but that's different to the given numbers and it's the same for all the other boats I had.

    I'd stick to class only if I was you, you could end up digging a hole.
  11. If that's it then I should be alright. I still find it a bit worrying that there is still information missing or that's incorrect on the new website. There's still very little info on BRNC and the changes that have been made to the IOT (apparantly it's now 30 weeks instead of 28) considering that has been taken offline (saving money?).
  12. Have you seen the AIB PDF, 305?
  13. maybe, maybe not....please can I have a link?
  14. Stick with the Class. Pennant Nos have a few curved balls thrown in to muck you up. Swiftsures pennant No was S126.
  15. If you want to know which ship is that either 'on the wall' in a picture, or, 'alongside the wall' as you are entering leaving harbour and about to conduct ceremonial, you will always refer to the Fleet Bridge Card as trying to remember may lead to mistakes. Soleil posted a link to the Sep bridge card a while back

    and I see that it still has the September one there which doesn't have Anson on it yet. It is also, perhaps, worth observing that you wouldn't be able to tell it was Anson anyway as submarines don't have the numbers on the side. (and when you are saluting them as you pass you just pipe 'HM Submarine' to avoid shouting to the world which one it is.)
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  16. The big bit of canvas with HMS WHATEVER written on it tied to the side of the gangway, the Perrybouy with HMS WHATEVER written on it at one end or other of the gangway, and the nameplate (guess what that says) which in the case of a ship is in red near the blunt end, and in the case of a sub is in silver on black on a removable board attached to either side of the fin, are usually reasonably good clues. You will not see any pennant numbers on any current british sub.
  17. I recall DREADNOUGHT having them but the practise ceased sometime in the mid sixties.


    BTW - Not me but gleaned from the 'Doughnut' Assn. Website: Where is he Now

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