HMS Amethyst

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by Seaweed, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

  2. I've seen the film. The Skipper was hopelessly lost as it all took place on the River Orwell. Mao Tse Tung was actually Captain LeFanu and the Chinese soldiers were really pusser's own baby sailors. :biggrin:

    It serves as a good reminder why GPS is sooooooooooo critical in determining location. :twisted:
  3. GPS? GPS?!! In confined waters?! Wash your mouth out, and pray for forgiveness to the navigation god.
  4. Remember her coming back to Guzz - they cleared lower deck of our primary school and sent us on the pier at Mutton Cove to cheer her by. Still trying to figure out how they managed to get 3 twin 4inch on a little ship like that. Saw her in the dockyard before she went for scrap and there was a neat semi-circle right on the point of the ow, courtesy of the Chinese Army - still there when she went to Willoughbys.
  5. I believe that Lt Cdr John Kerans, the Naval Attache who was sent to Amethyst to take command and fought her out of the river and back to the Fleet, never made Commander. Such is the gratitude of their Lordships!
  6. An old and bold retired NO told me that he almost refused the awarded DSO/DSC, beacause he reckoned it was worth a VC, perhaps this was why. IIRC, he entered politics, and served as an MP for somewhere in Hampshire ?
  7. In 1957 I went on holiday with Mum and Dad, visiting relatives in Cattedown. I recall Dad pointing out, up a far corner of Sutton Harbour, a tangle of grey and rust metal that slightly resembled a ship. He said it was the AMETHYST, the ship in the film he’d taken me to see earlier in the year. I can barely remember the ship now. The only other ship I saw on that slip was the OPOSSUM, in the ‘60s.
  8. From the Plymouth Council website:

    "HMS Amethyst returned to Plymouth in November 1949 following the "Yangtse Incident". The ship and crew had been stranded in the River Yangtse after coming under fire from the Chinese communist army.
    HMS Amethyst bravely escaped to open sea 101 days after the original incident and returned to England.

    HMS Amethyst's ship's cat Simon was awarded the Dickins Medal for bravery but died before it could be awarded to him. There is a memorial plaque commemorating Simon at the PDSA headquarters in Plymouth.

    Amethyst was later broken-up in Plymouth at the Marrowbone Slip, Sutton Harbour".
  9. We must have been at Mount Wise around the same time (1979-81). I heard that Sir Peter kept the blood-stained chart showing the route of Amethyst's escape.
  10. Yes. That's when I was there. I was a POWtr in those days.
  11. I might be wrong, be I recall (from lit) he disobeyed orders from the Admiralty in that he left the ship to diliberate with the Chinese...
    Big no-no then, hence the promotion block?

    He'd be 1st SL now'days..!
  12. For several years I worked with an old chap who had served time in the Royal Navy, he only spoke of his time in Hong Kong, never of the ships he served on and never of other people he served with. He died a few years after retirement. At his funeral it came out that he was a member of the ships company of HMS Amethyst during the period that it was trapped in the Yangste. Not even people that had worked with for 20 years or more knew any thing of this, he just kept it all to his self, not even his family spoke of it. But seeing the photos of the state of the ship after the escape of the ship who can blame him.

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