HMS Albion next door

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by cutter, Jul 14, 2006.

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  1. HMS Albion has turned up and parked next door to my house by the Thames (beside the Cutty Sark in Greenwich). It's nice to see her again, I watched her being built and launched in my home town.

    I can see them setting up a mobile careers centre out of my window as I write this so if anyone in London's thinking of joining up they should come down to Greenwich. There's bags of officers knocking about around the Cutty Sark and chatting to people.

    Alas, I won't be paying them a visit. I got the bad news 3 weeks ago from my optician that I'm way outside of the margin error allowed for short sightedness, effectively ending hopes I had of joining :cry:

    I've got the standard letter sent from 2SL which details exactly what sight requirements are. When I get the chance I'll scan it and post it as there's a lot of questions about sight in the forum (including mine!)
  2. Theres a Royal Guard for the queen done by the sea cadets for the 250th anerversary of the Marine Soceity on board
  3. I think she would be better off joining Bulwark
  4. Nice to see the old name is carried again I was on the old Albion long ago.

    And with being tick and out of touch for a while I never knew we had a new one thought it was a printers error.
  5. Did you know that the RN eyesight standards were based on the optical correction range of the AP 1900 binoculars? When plans were being made to introduce the Steiners (you never got them; too expensive), MDG's optician telephoned the DGST(N) Commodity Manager for the specifications. He needed to review the Naval eyesight standards.
  6. Consider laser surgery - I believe its allowed now for certain trades? Also try the RNR - it may be more lenient for you.

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