HMS Affray - Adjournment Debate this evening (14 Nov 07)

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by thingy, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. John McDonnell MP has introduced an EDM entitled: HMS Affray (EDM 2043) which is not yet available online, but will be tomorrow.

    In the EDM he calls upon the Government to reopen the inquiry into the loss of the crew.

    It will be available via:
  2. Re: HMS Affray - EDM seeking reopening inquiry

    What are his motives ,and what does he hope to achieve?Will the government spend money re-opening an investigation that happened 50 years ago?
    One of those lost was the son of Commander Linton VC.
  3. Re: HMS Affray - EDM seeking reopening inquiry

    it has been added late this afternoon.

    EDM 2043


    McDonnell, John

    That this House notes that the submarine HMS Affray sank in April 1951 with the loss of 75 officers and ratings; calls upon the Government to consider re-opening the inquiry into this sad event so that using the technology and expertise available today, the true cause of the accident can be finally established, addressing in particular the questions of why the Affray was permitted to leave HM Dockyard Portsmouth before her refurbishment programme was fully completed and sail in an unfit condition and of why Parliament was informed in 1951 that relatives of the crew wanted the bodies of their loved ones to remain in the stricken submarine when no relatives had been consulted; and further calls upon the Government to clarify what is to become of the remaining funds raised by public subscriptions through an appeal to assist dependants of the crew once the last dependant has died.
  4. Re: HMS Affray - EDM seeking reopening inquiry

    John McDonnell has raised the subject of HM/s Affray in the House of Commons because he has been asked to do so by one of his constituents who lost her father on the doomed submarine. He is using the contents of a new book as the basis for his evidence, which he hopes will re-open the unsatisfactory Board of Inquiry, for which the outcome had been decided before it began proceedings. The book (in hardback with 50 photographs) is called 'Subsmash - The Mysterious Disappearance of HM Submarine Affray' by Alan Gallop. It is published by Sutton Publishing on October 22 2007, price £19.99 and has been written with the co-operation of families and shipmates of the 75 men lost of the submarine in April 1951. Watch out for more media stories about HM/s Affray in the coming weeks.

    Oh yes, if you want to know more - I am the author of the book!

    Yours, aye.

    Alan Gallop
    [email protected]
  5. Re: HMS Affray - EDM seeking reopening inquiry

    Can I have a free copy for plugging it?
  6. Re: HMS Affray - EDM seeking reopening inquiry

    For info, this is now on the BBC site:

  7. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Re: HMS Affray - EDM seeking reopening inquiry

    My father's ship, HMS Contest, passed Affray as she left. Affray dived astern of Contest and never came up. His ship was involved in the search for her.


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