l have recently acquired a fantastically detailed ships model (like the ones in the National Maritime Museum) of HMS Active. Its in a perpsex case and is about 5 foot long.

I was considering donating it to my local Sea Cadet Unit, but would prefer it went to a more appropriate home such as HMS ACTIVE association (if one exists) or TYPE 21 association.

Its been on display at an RAF base which has now closed and was deemed surplus to requirements.




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I may be wrong but I was told (because we have one here of a T42) that they are itemised and are to be disposed icw disposal agency procedures. In short I am fairly certain they can't just be deemed surplus to needs and thrown out/given away as they have a high residual value.

Might be worth clearing your stern arcs?
Roger that but already covered, there were around 30 plus models all disposed of correctly and following the correct guidelines.
They really were surplus and I want this one going to a worthy home
Believe your right WD. We have a few submarine ones at work and are "owned" by the mob, a model of Warspite was valued at £3000 and one of Reso at £5000.

It may be on someones PLR and classed as a trophy. Maybe clearing stern arcs with the trophy store in HMS Nelson and/or DNR who use these type of things in AFCO's

edited to add you replied whilst posting this MC
My older brother served on her from 90-93, I went on families day on their as a kid too. There is a 21 club reunion coming up in GUZZ in October
This might seem a little nit pickey but wheres the Seacat launcher gone?

Plus to JFH, mate the woo's have broken the bugie that's the only reason they're turned too.

Nice model though, I'm sure the 21 Club reunion in Guzz this October would love to have it at least for a short visit.

Great class of ship the 21's
I spoke to my brother who is going to the reunion in October, he said to speak to a Mark Brocklehurst through the website link given. My brother said there is a guy selling a HMS Active model all over facebook as well for a grand, are you the person selling on facebook by any chance?
Absolutely not me. I am a serving RNR Senior Rate and want this model to to be used to honour those that served on this ship and to remember it's place in Naval history .
I am not displaying this to make a fast buck
Well it seems there are two HMS Active models about presently :lol:

But he said contact that person through the website link mentioned before as he'd be the best person to speak to.

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