HMRC Lost Data

The Government has warned households to keep an eye on their bank accountts after 2 CDs containing the personal details of 25 million people went missing in the post.

This scandal affects every household.,,91211-1293566,00.html

From Sky News:

Tax Boss Quits After Records Vanish
By Sky News Political Staff
Updated:16:01, Tuesday November 20, 2007

Two crucial CDs with 25 million people's personal details on them have been lost in the post, the Chancellor has admitted.
The chairman of HM Revenue and Customs Paul Gray has quit as the country's top tax man over the matter.

Ex HM Customs and Revenue chairman Paul GrayThe Metropolitan Police are "making inquiries" into the blunder and Alistair Darling has made a statement to the Commons.

The missing discs contain personal data including the names, National Insurance and bank details of millions of child benefit recipients.

In a letter to HMRC staff, Mr Gray said: "I am announcing today that I will be standing down as HMRC Chairman as a result of a substantial operational failure in the Department.

"This is not the way I would have planned to organise my departure from HMRC."

The Prime Minister has expressed his "full confidence" in the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Sky News' Political Editor Adam Boulton said the implications for the Treasury were very serious.

"I would expect this afternoon that from some quarters we will hear suggestions that Alistair Darling should resign, and his position has already been damaged by the Northern Rock crisis."

Responding to the Chancellor's statement the house of Commons, the shadow chancellor George Osborne said: "The government is responsible for breaching their duty of protection to 25 million citizens.

Conservative member of the House of Commons Treasury Committee Michael Fallon told Sky News Alistair Darling was be in a precarious position.

"It will underline the growing feeling that we have a new chancellor who is not up to the job," he said.

Lib Dem leadership contender Chris Huhne said he was "flabbergasted" at the situation.

"It is a breach of trust and it is quite right that one head has a rolled, but if ministers knew about this, if they knew about the security problems, I'm afraid ministerial heads will have to roll as well."

Chancellor Alistair Darling is making a statement in the House of Commons about HMCR.
Darlings says
He apologised for what he said was "an extremely serious failure" but insisted people were not at risk from ID fraud.
The fact that someone may have access to Names, Address, NI Numbers and Bank Account details, means that those people are in a very high risk of identity theft if the missing discs have fallen into the wrong hands.

he goes on to say

but anyone who thought they had been the victim of fraud would be reimbursed by the banks.
I know that the profits made by most banks is obscene, but why should they pay for a government cock up
Has anyone on RR had their identity stolen/compromised?

In September, on a cruise in the Med, I was invited to see the Finance Manager. He told me that my credit card had been refused by Visa. Frantic phone calls failed to solve the problem. Luckily my neighbours were on the same cruise and they very kindly stood the bill. When I got home the answer machine was full of messages asking me to contact Visa. When I did they explained that someone had tried to use my card, but because they didn't know my pass word, only a couple of transactions had got through. Cards were cancelled straight away and Visa stood my losses.
But I am doubly vigilant now.

Semper Strenuissima
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