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I've recently passed my selection interview and am waiting for my training date for Raleigh. I am applying to train as a HMO specialist. I was wondering if anyone knew when or how often the Phase 2 training for this role takes place at HMS Drake? I'm trying to get a vague idea on when I might be training, and my AFCO doesn't know when the Phase 2 courses run.

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Phase 2 generally run on after Phase 1 (not taking the piss..honest) so nobody can say when your course will be until your Raleigh date comes through.


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Hi I have applied for a HM specialist. I sat my RT in febuary 2010 an I have my date for Raleigh for the 7th of Oct 2012. There are two intakes for HMs for Raleigh each year as far as I am aware, one in May and one in October. Hope that helps :)
Thanks Holli, very helpful! So I'm looking at May 2013 at the very earliest then. And have a great time at Raleigh :) Can I also ask - when did you have your interview, and when did you receive your training date?
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No problem, Yes unfortunatly but it will come around soon enough, and it will be well worth the wait :) The HM branch has always had a long wait. Thank you. I did my interview in April 2010 and I got my date for Raleigh December 2011. If you have any other questions let me know. I can let you know what the training is like if you so wish once I finally get there :)


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Yeah sorry to be the bearer of bad news! :( But some people on here have been saying there is a recruitment drive coming up for next year, so you could be lucky. But dont take my word for it. Have you asked your AFCO for an expected waiting time? x
Yes I have, although they couldn't give me an answer because they said it will depend on when the phase 2 intakes take place for HMs. And she didn't know when that was.


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Oh alright. I think the waiting for HMs is about 3 years at the moment starting from when you passed your RT test. :)

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