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Updated: Feb 9, 2021, 03:15 PM IST
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A female officer of the Royal Navy of Britain has been accused of making adult films at a top-secret nuclear base and selling them online. The name of the female officer is Lieutenant Claire Jenkins. Media reports said that Jenkins sells her videos on the adult website to earn money. She has made several sex videos with her sailor boyfriend at the nuclear base, which is considered extremely secret.
As per a report in The Sun, most of the 29-year-old's films were shot at the Faslane Nuclear Submarine headquarters near Glasgow. Navy sources quoted by the publication say that the commanders are not convinced on this whole matter as it can also pose many serious threats to security.
In her role as a Warfare Officer, Lieutenant Jenkins has led a team of sailors in the Hunter-Killer Submarine HMS Artful. Apart from this, he also had the responsibility of forming a Special Forces Team. According to the report, Jenkins continuously shoots adult videos with her sailor boyfriend Liam Doddington and posts them online.