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Hi all,

I know there is strenuous procedures to bringing girlfriends/families down submarines but I don't plan on doing that cause my girlfriend wouldn't have a clue what she's looking at and would be a waste of time.

I do however want to bring her on base for the weekend so we don't need to rent at travel lodge, are we allowed to do this and if so is it as hard as getting them into the green area?


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If you can take your girlfriend/partner down the boat I think you should. Our nearest and dearest have very little understanding of our workplace along with the rest of the civvie population so a brief visit can only help for them to understand what you have to cope with in the months you are away from home.
For goodness sake show the girl a good time while she's in Fassers. Surely a night in a Travel Lodge is not too high a price to pay! You're a qualified submariner(I'm assuming) so splash the cash a little.;)

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