Hmmm. . .

A traditional Chad looks something very like;


Wot, no clues?


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Rumrat said:
WreckerL said:
BreathingOutOnTheWayUp said:
Naval_Gazer said:
Wot, no outrage?

Starts here, Rob:

"Wot - no references to any "Kilroy was here"?'

Redunded? Pensioned? DQs? DD?

We should be told, where's my DO!!!!

Kilroy was a septic invention, Chad was a jolly fine British invention

That's as may be but the poetry don't rhyme with "chad" like the Kilroy dits. :wink:

But kilroy never had a country named after him (black cat that one) :eek:


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janner said:
Blackrat said:
pinkprincess said:
janner said:
You told me that she wears "sensible shoes"

Heels - 4 or 5" preferably ;)

He was fibbing to you...

And she likes to torture people in her cellar. What more could you want?

BR She's a Dockyard Matey of some sort, can't see there being much in the way of heels on the steaming bats

You will find me in the Dockyard but in a shiny new office with various pairs of heels (including 'tectors) and weaponry stashed in the cupboard just in case I need to 'motivate' any of the boys :p