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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Chris1337, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. I have my date for the psychometric test...

    It says I need to take my original birth certificate, passport, educationcal certificates, NI card and national health card (couple of other things but n/a to me).

    The only thing out of that list I have is my passport... Is it essential I have to take all of those things?

    I know that my birth certificate is completly lost, therfore I would only be able to get a copy which isn't acceptable :S

    Anyone else have a similar problem, it's got me a bit worried.

    Thanks in advcanced. :?
  2. Hi Chris!

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    When is your test?
  3. I think the following is right, someone will correct me I'm sure if I am wrong.

    You can get your birth certificate reissued, or at the very least a notarised copy made (which is legally the same thing pretty much)

    NHS card, can be got by asking your GP or phoning the trust to ask who to contact (in my area they are called practitioner services)

    NI card is either HMRC or DWP, phone them and they should be able to reissue.

    Educational certs - contact the exam board (EDEXCEL, SQA, AQA etc)

    If you don't have the documents, apply for them and let the AFCO know you have applied, and bring them in for them to copy as soon as you have them.
  4. Thanks alot! It's may 11th

    Okay, so they won't want to put back the test if i let them know i don't have them at the moment?

    My main concern was the birth certificate and the NI card ( i know the number)

    If i remember correctly (though i could be wrong) i was told that they can only issue you one card.

    I guess when they say "copies are not acceptable" they must mean photocopies then, hopefully.

    Thanks for the advice, i'll try get those sorted asap...

    Edit: typo
  5. I think it's 3 cards, isn;'t it?
  6. I presume you have "lost" any certificates relating to your education as well? Fnarr Fnarr

    Have a nice day

  7. Cris can help you on one of those. For gods sake dont get your qualification certificates from the exam board there like 40 quid each! i didnt have mine either. Phone the school you took the exams in and they should have them they will send copies to you. The guys at plymouth were fine with that, also dosent cost you a penny! Hope this helps
  8. I would imagine the number will suffice, the card specfically states that it is not a form of identification so I can see it serving no purpose other than to tell you the number. Similarly NHS card, it is the number that is important, just phone the GP and ask them.
  9. The main thing you must take with you is ID. When i went for my RT a boy only had a few documents, but had NO photo ID with him, and was promptly sent home to come back on another date!
  10. Chris

    You need to get the GP's surgery to put your NHS Number on to a sheet of headed paper.

    Re Education , ring your school.
  11. Thanks for all the replies, I've booked marked this page as i think you've gave me all the help i need knowing how to get the documents.

    - Builderbambi : I was hoping as it says "any educational certificates you possess" i wouldn't have to take any, i think i only got a few GCSE's (if that) nothing great i know that much.

    - Idoitdeeper ^

    -lonestar: I thought the number would only matter too, though when i filled the App out i had to put my NI no. down so they already know i know the no.

    - Soleil: Thanks very much for the links, just been havin a go at some practice tests..
  12. Got mine end of the month chris. Found out today. Gonna be revising a wee bit too. Best of luck mate.
  13. With regard to the NI card, I was in the same situation and just took along my number. Pre AIB, however, I was told that I'd need to bring in my 'actual' card, and so called up and ordered a new one. You're allowed more than one, so it's fine, but crack on and do it now - it takes a while to come through.
  14. I had my RT Test yesterday, while we were waiting and having our documents photocopied ect two people turned up without their birth certificates, they had everything else but that piece of paper. - They were told that they couldn't sit the test without it and sent away to get one and call back. I'm 99% sure he did say they could have turned up with just their birth certificate and nothing else and have still sat the test as if they passed they could have brung the other documents at a later date.

    Good luck!
  15. I got a legal copy of my full birth certificate from the General Register Office online, cost about £25 but it came the next day and has been fine for everything I have needed it for! If your school do not have the certificates it may be worth asking if the office will accept the grades written on a headed piece of paper and signed; I had to do this to enrol at Uni and they said it was fine, so hopefully that'll be ok. Good luck getting everything sorted :)
  16. Just being mister thicky for a second but isn't a wage slip and a Proof of ID enough for NI, I can recite mine of the top of my head. Different generation eh...
  17. Robbed! Mine was £8 from Slough council or wherever it came from and was next day :lol:

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