HMCS Ville de Quebec to protect against pirates

Niner_Domestic said:
HMCS VDQ has been given the role of protecting food shipments to Somalia from pirates.

Why is it we canucks, can chase down pirates and yet the RN has been told that it cannot? Since the VDQ is on NATO, how are the other participants such as the RN, getting around this? If they are at all?

Could it be that Canada is part of the North American Continent and the United Kingdom is not but in fact is part of Europe. One of the advantages(one could argue that for years) of this is we are a Member of the European Community and a signatory to the Human Rights Act. of that Community.


For instance if the RN captured a pirate we could not hand him over to local authorities if he may be tortured or sentenced to death, very likely in that part of the world. The said pirate could also claim asylum in the UK being on British Territory i.e. RN Ship.

Oh that life was still simple as it is for Cunucks.


PS Of course you must first realise and accept that the only reason that UK is the only country that has problems with the European Community (EC) is they are the only silly bar stewards that obey all the rules, the rest of us only obey the ones that suit us. Maybe thats why I live in Spain and not UK. The sun does help.

PPS. While we are on NATO I seem to remember that at least one member just south of Canuck Land that will not allow its servicemen to give evidence at Coroners Courts or similar or provide evidence when Blue on Blue incidents happen. Then they will not allow their armed forces or even Private Security employees to face War Crime charges. So much for NATO all singing from the same hymn book.
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