HMCS/M Onondaga's preparations

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by AfterSSE, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. SHe's being prepared for her move to Rimouski Quebec (still can't believe Halifax can't do the same thing...).

    She still looks fairly sea worthy and the insides look good...;P
  2. Well frig, now what am I going to point out to the granddarlings? Somehow the CGS ships just don't do it for the little guy.

    Going to miss seeing them as I cross the bridge.
  3. Not having been an SSK man (I spent more time at sea on an FGS submarine in the Portland exercise areas) I can only imagine your despair and angst at what national governments do to these fine old ladies!

    I did spend quite a few nights as duty watch on Grampus in Dolphin on sprogs course and used the rack with the main vent just above my groin area.
    As I have fond memories of Dolphin (alas no longer an operational submarine base) one of those memories is the smell of diesel. Remember I didn't spend long enough onboard to be nauseated by it.
    Whenever I bimble past a petrol station and catch a whiff of diesel the smell transports me straight back to a time when I could do anything and had the body to do just that! I get very nostalgic.

    I have yet to encounter any place in civvy street that has a nuclear submarine sickly sweet smell about it. I wonder how I'll react when I do?

    Sigh.......memories. It is said that the strongest memories are those that include smell. They are right!
  4. Thanks for the link to the photos, brought back a few mwmories, especially as the dear old Oilypuss was may last boat.

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