HMAS Westralia

Discussion in 'International' started by RumCorps, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. News from Australia.

    I guess this report ends this sorry saga.

    Click Here For News Report

    From Wikipedia,

    HMAS Westralia (O 195) was a modified Leaf-class replenishment oiler which served with the Royal Australian Navy from 1989 to 2006. The ship was originally leased from the United Kingdom, where it had previously served with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary as RFA Appleleaf and was purchased by the RAN in 1994. The ship was the second and most recent vessel to carry the name HMAS Westralia.
  2. Interesting name, reminds me of the coined name "Ospreylia" from a couple of months ago...

    On a serious note, when will governments realise that cost cuts costs lives. 'Experts' are so-called because they've made all the mistakes before (I forget the wise man who said that!)
  3. I thought at the time that the allegations made by Baileys were sour grapes at not getting the initial contract. Seems they were willing to go as far as falsifying documents to prove their case. Hopefully criminal charges will follow.
  4. I apologise, I misread the gist of the article, I'll save my point for another time!

    Stupid boy Pike

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