HMAS Sydney

Discussion in 'History' started by Como83, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Wreck of Kormoran discovered

    The Prime Minister of Australia today announced that the wreck of the German merchant raider Kormoran, believed responsible for the war-time sinking of HMAS Sydney in November 1941, has been found off the Western Australian coast.

    He said the search body called Finding Sydney made the discovery yesterday, about 150km west of Shark Bay.

    "We are one step closer as a nation to hopefully finding Sydney," Mr Rudd said.
    "This is an important part in solving a 65-year-old puzzle."

    (Sydney was the largest vessel of any country to be lost with no survivors during the Second World War).

    More details here, courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald.

  2. Re: Wreck of Kormoran discovered

    HMAS Sydney Found

    The headlines in Australia are more about the finding the location of HMAS Sydney,

    Click Here For News Report
  3. HMAS Sydney found.

    Discovery of the raider Kormoran has led to the finding of HMAS Sydney, a quest which has gone on for many years.
    No doubt they followed the debris trail from Kormoran.

    The Prime Minister today told reporters in Canberra.
    "I'm advised that the HMAS Sydney was found some 12 nautical miles from the Kormoran, some eight nautical miles from the scene of the principal battle site and at a depth of some 2470 metres."

    Mr Rudd said the Government had sought many confirmations from the navy before proceeding with this morning's announcement.
    "It's very important that these things are got right," he said.

    Navy chief Vice-Admiral Russ Shalders said high resolution sonar images had confirmed the wreck as that of the HMAS Sydney.

    "[Search leader] David Mearns has indicated that there is no doubt that this contact is the Sydney," he told reporters.
    The search vessel was fitted with high resolution imaging sonars.
    "These are sonars which are towed in a sled behind the ship and obviously at a great tow length because of the depth of the water," he said.

  4. Re: Wreck of Kormoran discovered

    Interesting story, particularly since both ships involved did not survive. Pretty grim that all 645 members of the crew went down with her.

    At least, as the article states, they will have some closure to the story now.

  5. Re: Wreck of Kormoran discovered

    Yes indeed, however as reported,

    "Many theories about the fate of Sydney's crew have surfaced over the decades, arising from a struggle to understand why there were no survivors."

    Edited to show news update.

    Click Here For News Update
  6. Re: HMAS Sydney found.

    Topic also running here,

    Click Here
  7. Re: HMAS Sydney found.

    I hope that the Aussie government has taken steps to protect the gravesite from trespassing divers like Andrew Georgitsis who has been so disrespectful to the gravesite of HMS Repulse.
  8. Re: HMAS Sydney found.

    Closure at last of a long mystery - RIP, Diggers - heroes all.
  9. Re: HMAS Sydney found.

    Something tells me they wont be doing much looting at 8,000 feet.
  10. Re: HMAS Sydney found.

    Yep. It's still a mystery that no-one survived. Even the Hood, when its main magazine exploded, had a few survivors.
  11. Re: HMAS Sydney found.

    The hood had a bit more armour compared to a light cruiser. And i don't see the point in the Kormoran Machinegunning the crew in the water. But we shall probably never know.
  12. Re: HMAS Sydney found.

    Well if it had been co-operating with a Japanese sub prior to Pearl Harbor it would have a very big incentive to keep things quite.
  13. Re: HMAS Sydney found.

    Notme, It's not so much the looting but the exploitation of the site that guys like Georgitsis tend to do. Just look at the Titanic as an example, she's resting at 3810 m, technology has allowed some close up and personal filming of the site.

    Now, Georgitis had not only managed to break a hatch to enter the Repulse, (yes, she's resting in shallower waters) but took pictures of the remains of the crew, moved them to get artistic shots, and then sold the DVD on ebay. He certainly doesn't appreciate the solemness of the site nor does he practice the diver's "leave only bubbles" when visiting a site.

    I really do hope that the Aussies have taken measures to prevent that type of exploitation (as there may well be surviving family of the crew who I suspect would not like to see a photo of their loved ones remains up on the net for sale on ebay).
  14. Re: HMAS Sydney found.

    Sink the fvckers dive boat next time he turns up near the site. :threaten:
  15. Re: HMAS Sydney found.

    There are no "dive police" and therefore noone to enforce any supposed rules, there is no "leave only bubbles" rule, it is simply the mantra of some agencies. AG's behaviour was dishonourable and in our eyes despicable but it certainly wasn't illegal as he isn't a British Citizen. I know lots of divers who regularly lift items from wrecks, most of which were sunk in wars or in bad weather, frequently with loss of life, these are not bad people, they just have a different view. I for one wouldn't want to be in compartments with human remains and I don't think many would be comfortable in that position, a few take a different view and a tiny minority may even be tempted to move them but I think that would be a tiny number of individuals.

    Non-divers seem to have a view of shipwrecks as being intact entities on the bottom, the image portrayed by the Titanic is not typical, in the English Channel we are regularly faced with a lot of debris and broken up hull sections, any human remains are long gone. If divers don't bring up anything over time these artifacts will disappear as the surrounding steel rusts away, even the WWII wrecks are in a bad way now, the WWI ones being largely broken up. I'm afraid that I for one don't see the problem in bringing up a porthole for example or even a bell, I would draw the line at personal items myself.

  16. Re: HMAS Sydney found.

    There was a memorial service to HMAS Sydney, on ANZAC day in Sydney (yesterday). All very nice and impressive.

    But I think it should have been held at the Memorial Garden at Geraldton in West Australia. To see this at dusk, with the sun setting over the distant sea and the gulls crying overhead - would affect the toughest.

    A Web search of "HMAS Sydney Memorial Geraldton", will bring up Photos
    of the memorial; possibly the best around to a lost ship.

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  18. Thanks Stirling. I was getting my digs in over on ARRSE on the same topic. My granpa was a survivor of the Repulse, spent five years as a POW in Malaysia/Burma. Georgeheadupbuttistis, is a whole other distasteful creature.

    I've managed to pass on the info to the POW/Repulse Association of Canuck Naval/Navy Diver organisations and associations that would be interested in lobbying with the POW/Repulse folks to have it protected internationally.

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