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HMAS Sydney


Lantern Swinger
Dabs said:
grandma said:
browny31310 said:

I was quite sad to read that the Sydney had been sunk. I'm assuming that this was the Sydney which was either built or had a refit here in my home town.
You were sad? It happened a hundred million fcuking years ago as far as you were concerned matey. Which bit were you sad about?

Do you realise that if Britain, as an Island colony, ever went to war again we would have to capitulate because of business agreements? We would hand over Sovereignty to any cnut who bartered the biggest business deal. It would never be another session of 'We would fight on the beaches', but more like: the highest bidder will buy out the impoverished serfs that just happen to exist in the UK during the time that Political correctness is selling the country down the drain.

When will anyone in this land of stupidity ever wake up?

Bring back Enoch Powell and fcuk all you gobshites who prey on Britain.

Jeez.. one of the best posts I've ever read, I'd vote for you.

Trouble is, as soon as you stand someone will find you dead of a natural death but in unusual circumstances.


Lantern Swinger
So which of her main armament was used? I've looked thru the gallery:

and it appears:

A turret wasn't
B was
Y ?
and x was

I'm going by the shutters over the sights on the fore plate of the turret. Is there an image of the whole ship that shows the position (angle) of each turret now?

I'd always known there was amystery over the SYDNEYs snking but I'd never read the story until today. At first, it does grab yo and you think that a cruiser would knock the cxxp out of a converted merchant ship... but I guess that it's fate and 'the gods of war' and that it could have played out like the Germans said.

The no survivors does take a bit to get past but could that be down to sharks? I don't believe they were all down below fighting fire/damage limitation and a sudden collapse of a bow bulkhead sent them to the bottom... nah, the guys would know which way they were going [read: they probably have guessed the eventual destination of the ship, i.e downward] and they'd be half doing their best for the ship but with a weather-eye on the doorway. Anyway, not all of them would have gone down in the ship... an above poster has given numerous examples of ship losses but they all had survivors... even the 3 battlecruisers at Jutland had at least 3 men survive... but there they had friendly ships to pick them up.

The washed up float with a 'bullet in the head'? Wiki says that the 'bullet' is 'shrapnel' and would sailors (officers) be carrying pistols in a surface action against a ship without prospect of boarding?

It's a sad tale.
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