HMAS Onslow

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by rod-gearing, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. I visited the National Maritime Museum in Sydney and was really impressed with the displays and exhibits there.
    I went onboard the Onslow and was glad to see she was in perfect condition and well maintained.The Vampirte was also along side in the same condition.

    Hopefully the Alliance will get a make over before she falls to bits.

    Im going to Perth so might visit the Ovens if the other half lets me.
    (It will cost me a shopping trip no doubt!)
  2. Here you go lads taken a couple of years ago

    Oz National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, Sydney. Onslow alongside HMAS Vampire.


  3. I visited the Onslow and Vampire in September. I was impressed also. I can post some internal pictures and what not if anyone is interested?
  4. I too visited the museum last year, it was good to see the two warships in such good nick.
    Just out of site in the photo in the top right corner, is the James Craig, one of the last clippers.
    She is still sailing!! I also met one of the survivors of the Voyager, who was a guide in the museum, and had a good yarn with him about the tragic accident.
  5. ....would be appreciated TTJU. :)
  6. Re the random Patrol Boat it is xHMAS ADVANCE an ATTACK CLASS PATROL BOAT paid off 6.FEB 1988 and gifted to the Nationial Maritime Museum.

    Great phots btw TTJU
  7. Very interesting!
    To see the old "Vamps" once more !!
    Spent a very informative part of my youth on her in 64/65 "up top"-- Malaya and Vietman !!
    Onslow was after my time as my boat was Otway build in Scotts on the Clyde-- comissioning ---to mid 69 (she was broken for scrap in Sydney) and her fin and casing are in Holbrook in NSW.
    Brings back memories!!
  8. I managed to visit the national museum in Perth/Freemantle as well and it was nice to see the Ovens in very good nick as well.
    I didnt go onboard as Mrs RG and I spent so long in Freemantle Prison looking round that it was closing when we got there.
    They certainly know how to look after their old ships and boats etc!
  9. Pity you didn't get on board mate, you'd have seen my name on the Watch and Station Bill :D
  10. They had the same on the Onslow,makes you think what happened to all the guys that served on her.
    I could have got a job as a guide as the guys doing the talks had never served on boats sadly.

    I left 2 of the Oboat models I have at the museum in Sydney so that they could have some made up and possibly sell them to ex boats guys etc.

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