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Good to see that the Oz Journo's are up to scratch, PO shown as AB, Killick shown as AB, wife shown as Mother.


Good to see that the Oz Journo's are up to scratch, PO shown as AB, Killick shown as AB, wife shown as Mother.
Your average 'Oz Journo' would not have a clue when it comes to members of the Military or Police Forces.

I recall when a so called respected journo was referring to Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith VC, he referred to him as a Colonel.

Another idiot journo/radio shock jock when referring to a news item about a UK Chief Constable of Police, referred to him as a Constable.:rolleyes:


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A little while back a Lt. Cdr, & frequent RR Poster, moved to Oz to join the RAN - I cannot recall his c/sign but would that be your matey?
No, Tony was an Aussie on exchange here.

I know a lot of brits some good mates who've emigrated and joined the RAN. Most enjoying it, some finding it the same just sunnier.
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