HM Trawler Kent or Knot

Another test for your powerful brains from the Shetland Roll of Honour. A seaman[FONT=&quot] killed by magazine explosion on 5 November 1916. The Roll says HMT Kent (wrong, I suspect) and Commonwealth War Graves database says Knot[/FONT]
Grateful for any information including what happened.

HMT KNOT was a 168 ton trawler launched in 1903. She was requisitioned by the Admiralty in November 1914 and converted into a minesweeper but was lost on 5 November 1916 after being wrecked on the North Caer Rock off Fife Ness.
That's very helpful, folks. Thank you. Now working on a Shetland lad who died on HMS Formidable - plenty information on the web about that sinking.

As an interesting aside, a few years ago there was another chap with an RR thread who was researching a person who it transpired had died on Formidable. Chaps Service certificate, ships records the lot. (bit nostalgic reading my own posts in their on my old username.)

Also, there is a published book regarding Formidable and the sinking.

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