HM The Queen To Visit HMS Lancaster

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. HM The Queen is to visit HMS Lancaster on Tuesday, March 5th 2013.

    HMS Lancaster arrives in London on Saturday, March 2nd 2013, for a five day visit.
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  2. Just as an aside, until not that long ago, HMS Lancaster used to have a parrot called Sunny, who had errmm quite a cheeky vocabulary.

    Sun parrot gets promoted | The Sun |News

    Sunny now lives in retirement in Wales, I gather.
  3. Oh god, the parrot. I was onboard back in 2001 in the Gulf when Alan West came aboard. They had to move the bird from the wardroom into the stewards' pantry just in case it got a bit fruity...

    It could be quiet for hours, then suddenly would chirp up with bits of the Great Escape theme, "******* SMEO" - I think they had a tough time at FOST - and various Fast Show catchphrases. From what I remember, it was quite a smelly bird - gave the ward room an unpleasant odour. It also used to enjoy watching the WAFUs play Uckers...
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  4. We've all done that, watching as each player makes up his own rules.
  5. Nice to see our ships still go foreign, hope they've all had their jabs.
    There's still the language problem, very few speak English.
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  6. Unfortunately, the visit of HM The Queen to HMS Lancaster, which was scheduled for this Tuesday, has had to be cancelled due to her admission to hospital at the weekend.
  7. All that scrubbing out for nothing.. tsk

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