HM the Queen not welcome in Normandy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Passed-over_Loggie, May 27, 2009.

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    On the other hand;

    If the title "right honourable" meant anything, he would now decide not to go because;

    a. he's not Head of State

    b. he's not Head of the Armed Forces

    c. he cannot represent Canada

    d. his boss wasn't invited

    e. it would be one in the eye (that would possibly make them equal!) for Sarkozy the Slimemeister
  2. I'd rather the Queen be there than the PM, she was in the MTS during WW2 and hubby also played his part.
  3. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    As the Queen is the only head of state who was serving in the forces at the time of the Normandy landings, she has a right to attend. Obama was born in 1961, Sarkhozy born in 1955. What do they know of the sacrifice given by the British, American and the Canadians. We must remember that an awful lot of other countries were involved in this invasion. If this is supposed to be an anniversary the Queen should be the most Honoured guest of the French government. But I am not really suprised at this snub. The French are obviosly courting the American President for political gain.
  4. Agreed with Granny
  5. What do we expect from a bunch of cheese eating surrender monkies!!

    If it wasnt for us they would be drinking Steins of beer and eating bratwurst.. whilst collaberating!!!
  6. One of the Queens many official titles is Duke of Normandy. I'd have thought she could have invited herself.
    Why is the 65th anniversary so significant? How many anniversaries are going to be 'celebrated'. For myself I'd do one EVERY year and rub every school childs nose in it to impress the message. But, we do in honesty seem to be getting a bit complicated: Two minutes silence for this, one for that, remembering anniversaries with rather odd years. To my mind there is only one hour of one day each year that truly deserves such respect. Perhaps our rush to honour everything is dumbing things down a tad?
    I travel to Normandy a lot and the people are, by a huge degree, very pro British (we are very similar in temperament and looks, at least us lot down south) and all, even the youngest, very much aware of recent historical events. They are to a fault welcoming and polite.
    It is also an extremely beautiful part of the world, and outside the main towns almost traffic free, despite being very close to Paris.
  7. Rather disrespectful on behalf of the French (or at least those regarding the snub). This will undoubtedly only reflect negatively on Sarcasticzy in the eyes of the decent world and I hope it will only further highlight his characteristically weasel-like qualities.

    EDITED for removal of nonsense
  8. Apart from the snub of not inviting our Queen, I have also noticed that they have not invited their world war2 bosses, the Germans, surely that is a double snub?
  9. R077 - it was Berlusconi who The Queen criticized for shouting!

    Completely agree though - the French are just trying to make Obama their bestest friend for everest. Politicians, whatever their nationality, are the most self-centered and self-serving people - Sarkozy is trying to take the place of the UK as the USA's main ally in Europe (not hard to do with our weak weak PM). This is why our constitutional system is so much better, with a Head of State independent of politics.

    The French should be ashamed of this decision, and I would be very disappointed if there was not criticism of them at the highest level.
  10. If Brown had an ounce of decency, he would now decline his "invitation"; even if he did originally beg for it.

    As regards why the 65th is a significant event, I believe it's because of the likelyhood that few of the old lads will be fit enough to attend the 70th.
  11. well spotted! :oops:
  12. Hardly surprising as I think the French dislike the Germans even more than they dislike us. :)
  13. Broon had no interest in the event until he heard Obama was going to attend, that's when he begged the Frogs for an invite.

    I find it insulting that he thinks we wouldn't notice the real reason for him attending.
  14. As the Queen is also Queen of France following French capitulation to the English around 600 years ago, it is the Queen who should have invited the Presidents into Her rightful Kingdom. These damn Frogs: they enter into treaties then try to unilaterally opt out. I think we should follow the example if Kim Ill Jogalong and invade Normany, demand the Dauphin (Sarko) returns our balls and march down the Champs Elysee in triumph.

    Norman of L'Apple Tarte
  15. Sod the Frogs, ban all onion sellers from the UK and French cheese and mustard.
    Fill in the chunnel.
    Send them the bill for liberating them in 2 world wars and also for the powder and shot we used giving them a dicking at Trafalgar

    Rt Hon Lord Rod de Gearing KGB (Plus expenses)
  16. Wonder what would be the reaction if Her Maj turned up with Phil at the head of the British veterans march past ? Up yours, Sarkozy - all your lot did was provide another country for us to liberate, at great human cost and no thanks for it.
  17. The age of the Vets is a significant factor, the Normandy Veterans Association is sadly being wound down after this anniversary due to the advancing age of its memebers all will be in their 80's as a minimum
  18. Good old Sarko, son of a Hungarian Collaberator with the Krauts, mess deck dodger in the French Air Force for National Service, now Chief of France and maybe in the future, Europe.
    Hows that for accelerated advancement!!!!
    Seriously, down here in the South of France local people have said that it is an insult that the Queen was not invited to this commemoration.

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