HM sub Revenge

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by sailor, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. Looking for anyone who was on HM Sub. Revenge between 1971-1977
  2. I was on from 1972---------1976 what d'ya wanna know!!
  3. I was on there from 1978-1980 !!
    Can I help?

    I was in the MCC.
  4. Revenge Port from July 83 to Sept 86 :lol:

  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I think I've got a copy of her original commissioning book from 1969ish somewhere, if that would help.
  6. My Uncle was a Fore- endie on there. No idea what dates tho
  7. I was in IT from end of 71 thru to 74. Starboard crew MCC fairy.
    Ugh worst boat I ever served on.
  8. I was a bit later than '77 as I was only 6 then - I joined her in 1990 (Nav Queen)
  9. i was once called out to a fire on her.

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