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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by HarveyMac, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Hey there, have just been put on the 20 Month waiting list for the role of HM specialist, after getting through the selection process.

    Apart from wondering the following:

    1)Will the 20 months decrease/if so by how much?
    2)What should i do with myself for 20 months


    3)Will i have to re-do the selection tests (medical/eye/hearing tests etc...)

    Just worring because i'm working in a call centre atm, and i think my eyes are going to be square by the end of the 20 months!

    Any help concering this issue would be greatly appreciated!

    :dwarf: Josh Harvey
  2. Yeah, you will have to pop into the AFCO every six months or so to see wheat you've been up to, and need an annual PJFT and medical until you join. Or at least it was that for me these last two years....

    Ask the AFCO if they can get you on a visit to a ship or something?
  3. Blind leading the blind here, but I worked in a call centre for 5 years before applying and my eyes have always been the same 20/20 so unless you have had previous problems i wouldn't worry. as far as i know they do a recheck on your finances to see if anything has changed before joining but i would guess all the medical stuff is done at Raleigh upon entry (Mods please correct me if i am wrong)

    As for something to do in the 20 months wait... prepare! I am currently doing so mentally and physically. I have even gone to the lenghs of getting up at 05:30 so i get used to catching the early worm.

    Good luck
  4. 6/6 dear boy, 6/6; unless you're from Rawtenstall Idaho.

    Sorry but the application of American measurements when not needed is so irritating.
  5. Why not try getting a job doing commercial survey work or work experience in that field? If not work maybe some background info. Just about all of the kit used by surveyors is COTS (commercial off the shelf). Try searches for some of theses companies: Fugro, Gardline, Acergy, Oceanscan, Subsea 7, Utec, Kongsberg, Simrad, Geoacoustics, Sonardyne. Some of em make kit the mob uses some of em don't but it's all similar. Differential GPS, single and multibeam echosounders, sidescan sonars, sound velocity probes, total stations.
  6. "you say tomato, I say tomahto" :w00t: :dwarf:
  7. Unlikely. In fact, it may increase.

    Make the most of it; don't take it for granted.

    See this thread:

  8. !. I disagree. IMO your time before enlistment will decrease by about one month It's already decreased by one day...roughly.

    2. Get a job.

    3. What lamrtn said.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Fair cop.

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