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HM S/M Trident

Ladies and Gents, some help please. After my father passed away last year, I have come into posesion of a photo album that he had been given. Its previous owner is not known, but all the photographs are of Ships company HM S/M TRIDENT, taken towards the end of the Second War. I also have a handwritten letter written by the owner of the book, but no name or address. The complete set of pictures are also held in the IWM Archive with some names. I would love to return this to its owner, or descendant. Are there any Submariners out there that could advise. Many thanks, Mick.


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When I have a brief look at some of the photos of HM SM Trident during the Second World War as shown on the IWM's website, it says in the details:

Creator Zimmerman, E A (Lt)

Could it be that the photo album which you have belonged to Lt Zimmerman?



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Interestingly, I have found an Edward Albert ZImmerman on the Navy List for the right period and when I look for him on the 1939 Register of England and Wales, I find, living in Wimbledon, an Edward A Zimmerman who is, by profession, a Press Photographer for Associated Press.

I also see, when looking at the IWM's collection, that he is sometimes listed as:

Zimmerman, E A (Lt) Royal Navy official photographer
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It also occurs to me that the album might have belonged to the last Commander of HM SM Trident, Lt A R Profit.

How did your father acquire the album, Mick? Which part of the country did he live in?
Hi, my Dad was an ex WAFU and when he retired he was known throughout his village in West Wales as a collector of all things maritime. Somebody in the village found the photo album at a car boot type sale and passed it onto Dad. When he died last year it came to me. Now I want to at least try and find the rightful owner if possible.


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Hi, my Dad was an ex WAFU and when he retired he was known throughout his village in West Wales as a collector of all things maritime. Somebody in the village found the photo album at a car boot type sale and passed it onto Dad. When he died last year it came to me. Now I want to at least try and find the rightful owner if possible.
It’s very kind of you to try and locate the owner, I hope your successful


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This is a tricky one. I've considered whether it might be an item from the Estate of Lt Profit, the last Commander of HM SM Trident, who passed away in the Totnes area, so Devon.

I was going to suggest asking the Submariners' Association for help with this, but I'm not sure that they have an active webmaster at the moment.

I'm not quite sure what else I can suggest. I'm wondering whether it is worth seeking the advice of the National Museum of the Royal Navy on [email protected]

The NMRN might agree to posting the story of the album on its Facebook page.

Would it be possible for you to scan the letter and add it to this thread, please?

Something I would ask you is whether the album gives the impression of a certain formality, with quality paper and binding and neatly added photographs or is it something more amateur and personal?

The impression I am getting is that it is a formal album. Could it be that Lt Zimmerman took the photos and had them bound as a gift to Lt Profit?

I would also consider asking the IWM how it came to have copies of these photos in its possession.
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HI Soleil,

Thanks for taking the time with this one. I am afraid the album is one that has been put together, possibly quite some time after the war, more of a keepsake made up after the war. Possibly in the 1970's judging by the type of album.

I have also been in touch with a gentleman who's Dad was also on there at the same time, first on the TAKU and then transferred onto the TRIDENT when the TAKU was nearly destroyed by a mine off Norway.

I will add a copy of the letter as a photograph, but I am not sure how it will turn out, failing that I can scan it in tomorrow at work - Still serving Queen and Country on a part time basis!

Thanks for the pointer to the National Museum, another avenue to try.

Many Thanks


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I'm wondering whether this is something which has been made up as gift by a relative of someone who was with HM SM Trident during the war.

If it's true that all of the photos in the album are duplicates of ones in the IWM collection, I would consider the possibility that someone may have contacted the IWM in the 1970s and paid for copies of the photographs to be made. It would have been possible to arrange a visit to the IWM to look at the Museum's holdings then and I am wondering whether, as a special surprise, someone's relative went there and selected photos of which they wanted copies and then made up an impromptu album as a gift.

PS Just seen your last post and the scan, will have a quick look now!


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Just looking at the manuscript, I notice that it has been written in pencil on notepaper from the Cestrian Club in Chester. This seems to have been a club in Chester a few years ago - I wonder whether it was similar to the RBL for Chester ie that it was popular with ex-service people. Photo here.

Given that the photo album popped up in West Wales and that the letter in the book was written in Chester, I would say that it would be useful to investigate this very local link.

If I were you, I would contact a newspaper in Chester and ask them whether they would like to run a story about the album, complete with images of some of the photos and the letter.

There is a possibility that a current reader of the paper might be a chum of the man who wrote the letter you found in the album or perhaps a relative of his who might recognise the handwriting.

Contact details for the Chester Standard here:

They might like this as a human interest story.

PS Get in touch with them this week, this is a WW2 story.
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