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If you're put off that easily, then perhaps you're not cut out for it. Learning to listen to 3 things at once is a skill!

Where did I say I was put off?! I was being mildly sarcastic, which I hoped the :-D would indicate but it didn't clearly. I have to admit, I should have read more than just the last page of the thread though as I read things out of context and misunderstood. "My bad".

I wouldn't put anyone off of joining any branch of the Royal Navy - although not in the same posts, a Logistics Officer would have been able to enjoy employment in all of the places I mentioned above. Take in the info from here - add more than a pinch of salt and make up your own minds.

I understand :) I still haven't made a decision as to what branch, but read the information on here with interest and a pinch of salt.
You forgot to add, while looking at at least 3 screens, and the rudder indicator so that you can shout 'Where are you going Officer of the Watch' when they go left instead of right!

And some smart arse FOSTie poking you, whilst the CO says the exact opposite, and you're getting it in the neck from both sides.....


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It makes it even more fun when you go back and do a BOST after you have left. You spend all the time wondering, 'was I like that when I was on the staff?'


alright guys i was just wondering how you become a ship int officer? and whether anyone could give me some knowledge on what you do in IWOF and IWOC? Also can I branch off to Int but will I still be able to go on ship because that is the reason why I want to join the Navy (go figure)?


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Hi All

In preparation for my AIB I'm trying to revise the HM training pipeline after BRNC however the link on the website is not working (I can remember it being there before!).

Royal Navy

I think after completing IWO you study at HMNB Devonport however I don't remember the time scales. Does anybody know these please? Any help would be most appreciated!!:)

old thread now I know. I wanted to check I have the correct information, just got this pdf fact sheet on HM officer from the navy website:

it says specialist training begins at the Flag Officer Sea Training HM School in Devon. You do 14-weeks basic surveying then a 19 week Meteorology course. It goes on about gaining degree upon training completion.

So, from completing training at BRNC do you go straight to the school in Devon?And after the 33 weeks of the above courses, where does the degree feature in all this? Do you gain it in the 33 weeks?? do you study it part time after the 33 weeks? Other than the pdf above and a few threads i found on the forum there seems to be little information around on this specialisation