HM Marines in America

Discussion in 'History' started by lobsterback1, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Good day, all.
    May I first say, being a vile Yank on your forum, how much I appreciate all of those very fine Sailors and Marines of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines who have served and are still serving at distant posts all over the world.

    One of my great passions has always been history, and I have been a histrical re-enactor for several years. Some friends of mine and I recently decided to portray HM Marines in the War of American Independence, and have been doing a great deal of research to that end.

    My question for those knowledgeable of that period or any surrounding it: which traditions or practices of the pre-royal Marines do you think we should make regular practice? Does anyone have any good sources of information on the subject? There seem to be naught but a sorry few books written on the subject in print.

    Thanks in advance to all who respond,

    The Lobsterback
    a.k.a. Ensign William King, USN
    Norfolk, VA
  2. Hello Lobsterback and welcome to RR.

    You are extremely brave to ask something like this in this forum. I shudder to think of the responses you will receive but it should be worth it.
  3. Wearing bright red coats in thick fog, thereby offering the guerilla force a clear target a la Battle of New Orleans, as I recall.

    Out of curiosity, so you also have german speaking troops participating? I read a good book on the subject called 1776 which I'd highly recommend.
  4. I've read 1776, and started a correspondence with the Royal Marines Museum on some specific questions. However, the things that are well documented regarding battles, drill, etc are all well and good but they dont do well to describe what it may have been like to interrupt a group of marines having a drink. I'm looking for things that are unique to the Marines, or even the Naval service in general - like Uckers or rum etc.

    Thanks for the responses!

  5. I'm not sure that Uckers was around in those days. Ask Higthepig.... he might remember from his yoof.... :biggrin:
  6. A few of our members speak German, but not as a matter of re-enacting something common. Were many Marines recruited from Germany?
  7. I was thinking about the Frankish mercenaries who fought alongside the British in that war.
  8. I would imagine that it might have been quite dangerous to do that!
  9. Its funny you mention those guys and asked if we spoke German... few of the reenactors do and its quite funny to approach one and listen to a backwoods American drawl come from a mustached hessian dressed to the nines.
  10. Can you confirm something for me Lobsterback? Ive been under the impression for the last couple of years that one of the final acts of the War of Independance was the Royal Marines were sent to burn down the Whitehouse, which they did and then all us Limeys bugged out of there. Is this story true?? I work with loads of septics you see and i need this confirmed to me for some good banter sessions.

    Yours aye.

    A bootneck.

    P.s that film the Patriot was a load of Bollix you know.
  11. What?? The Patriot was a load of bollocks?? My illusions are now shattered forever at the thought of a racist anti British twat starring in a historically incorrect film. Would never happen!! :thumright: :thumright:

    Yours aye

    An ex Green lid wearer
  12. Fecking Bombers Mel eh... Passion of the Christ what an absolute load of Pretentious shizengluuben! 2 hours of JC screaming, wailing and getting carved up.
    Tell us something we don't already know Gibbo you Cnut!!
  13. The White House was burned in what we call the War of 1812. Yes, we had an interesting little fish-slapping dance there. We defeat the greatest power on Earth for independence, you take our capital, we go on to live harmoniously.

    As a side note, our group motto is Proditores Sugunt (Treason Sucks).

    The Patriot MUST have been accurate, after all it's Hollywood, and they NEVER lie... right?

    Cheers all
  14. Did the Marines burn it down the or no?? Fish slapping WTF?? America living harmoniously WTF??
  15. Contributor Mode


    So if the majority of people who fought to gain Independence were British Subjects on which side of this fence of treasonable activity do you sit?

    As the Cambridge dictonary says:

    "treason Show phonetics
    (the crime of) lack of loyalty to your country, especially by helping its enemies or attempting to defeat its government:"

  16. I thought it (WTF) but decided there was enough septic bashing going on against that knobber smiler!!
  17. You may find this interesting, and in case you didn't know...the Eastern States still belong to us....(misnomer)... :hockey:

    The Patriot did suck....[​IMG]

    Short synopsis on the War of 1812...
  18. The bloody frogs won it for you.

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