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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Squirrel, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. I know this'll sound bone to some, but I've not had one of these in years. However, it transpires that I need to use the train next week and the fare will be over a tenner cheaper with a railcard. The other pi55er is that I'm on leave, so can't go to my own UPO, but I do live very near to RAF Wittering, where there will be (I assume) a couple of RN writers in the UPO there. Can any one of you fine people enlighten me as to how much one costs, and whether I can just get one from any UPO?

    thanks in advance.

  2. They cost £12.50

    I'm sure they were only £3 when I last got one................

    I don't know if you can go to Wittering and get one though
  3. Thanks for that mate.

    £12.50.....'kin hell!!

    It's not really worth me bothering.
  4. not unless you use the train quite often
  5. The last one I got was free......
  6. Goes up to £15 from 1st Nov 07.................. :eek:

    so if anyone wants one, don't forget to get it before then and save £2.50
  7. Then phased out soon after supposedly - or that is what the RAO on this pongo base told me!
  8. Squirrel,

    You should be able to get it from any UPO (or Crab/Pongo) equivalent. My last two have been from non-naval establishments. A quick phone call in advance should sort you out. Although it has gone up its still a pretty good deal even if only make about 5 journeys a year. It works on the London underground as well.

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