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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by fear_and_loathing, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. seems that as reservists we're not entitled to an HM forces railcard, unless we've been mobilised or we do a stint full-time.
    is this correct?
    anybody know otherwise?

    damn useful things those railcards.......
  2. I used to work in a rail ticket office (was a couple of years ago) so maybe I can help.

    The main jist is that as a reservist you join a unit that you can reach fairly easily, the unit I plan to join as soon as my house move sorts itself out is near tower bridge, so a railcard would be of little value.

    On the other hand, regulars and reservists on deployment may well be far from home, even if they are in the UK. As an RNR you may get a 6 month stint at Faslane (just an example). For me (living in South London) a railcard would be very handy getting back to see family and friends.

    Hope that helps.


    (edited once for mong spelling)
  3. your logic is impeccable my dear watson. and you're quite correct, one should always endeavour to join a unit within easy access of where they live. but just between you, me and rum ration, sometimes there are little perks that come along that we can use to our advantage (comes as a shock to some i know).

    day trip to the seaside anyone? choo choo
  4. You can get one if you are on FTRS.
  5. Yes, but they're supposed to take it off you when your FTRS finishes.

    So no getting it with a month to go and then getting cheap travel for eleven months. :sad:
  6. I forgot to mention I had one to the UPO and carried on regardless :)
  7. or ... and this is soooo much better .... you marry a train driver and get free travel on his train company services and 75% off everything else!

    PO Stoker anyone? going free to a good home!
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    RC: PM AAC, he'll have him! But I thought you preferred to take the subway, rather than the train..?! :wink:
  9. His dad wasn't a former Prime Minister was he?
  10. That's a decider, I am in.
  11. So before the unit admin office is over run tomorrow with people asking to be signed up.
    Dose any one know what will be needed? I assume Passport Photo? anything else?
  12. DIN2014Din01133
    will put the din up later!
  13. Wow, why has this been kept so quiet.
    It seems backed up here: HM Forces Railcard
    Has anyone actually got one yet?
  14. No 'cos i have a Young persons one but i have seen them they exist and are very easy to set up it seems!
  15. I've got one. Well worth it. Makes first class reasonable.
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  16. Hi all,

    As I think anyone can sign up for this forum, I don’t think you should post up DIBs and DINS in their entirety for security purposes. We will seek clarification on this enquiry. However in the interim, the HM Forces Railcard website offers a e-mail address that you can contact with this query: HM Forces Railcard

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  17. Valid point, a DIN reference is sufficient information. The following should be at the top of every DIN: [TABLE]
    [TD="bgcolor: #d8d8d8"]
    Not to be communicated to anyone outside HM Service without authority

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