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Hi I'm joining as an HM and was given a rough date of September 2014. Now it's less than 6 months off and I still don't have a definite joining date is it likely to have been moved back? Or will they give me a September date in July/August?

Have you done your prnc ?. I was told november last year and ended up with june this year so irs possible its been moved back
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Did mine this month . odds are your going in later but ninja will be more useful to talk to about these sort of things.

I was told november then i was told January. Then march and in February i recieved a letter for my start date for the eighth of june. It is a waiting game you have a lot of time to think about if its really what you want. So dont believe a date they tell you. till you have the letter in your hand saying a date. They know when the intakes are but there can be hold ups for many reasons such as a failed prnc or a set back with the medical ect ect good luck

I am in no way saying that my afco was bad infact they have gone out of their way to help me in some cases.
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As ever I'm afraid the AFCo can only offer a best guess based on when you passed the recruiting test, assuming there are no hold-ups at interview, medical, PJFT etc. Those applying today would be told about 24 months test to entry but if twenty people applied today nationally, one person could join in 24 months & the last to be processed may possibly miss that entry if there are only 12 places on that intake & may well wait nearer 3 years if there is only the one intake a term or maybe even only one a year.

Your best bet is to ask your AFCO - rest assured however, as soon as your AFCO know of your entry date, you'll know too.

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