Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by angry_mac, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. angry_mac

    angry_mac War Hero

    Hi fellas and lasses,
    Heard about this site when it was quoted from by the Daily Mail in reporting about our humilation in the NAG and subsequent disgraceful actions by two of Cornwall's (old ships) ship's company. Been in mob since I was 16 backin '89. So Id thought ill have a look see.
    Just cant sort my bloody avatar out, even when using a URL from photobucket it says its too big, pain in the arse. Ideas?
    Thanks in advance
  2. greenking

    greenking Banned

    Welcom Mac - anything less than 120 x 120 pixels and 6k works. andym is a bit of a whizz at that kind of stuff, try sending him a pm.
  3. wardmaster

    wardmaster New member

    Welcome Mac. What are you angry about? :)
  4. aussiepint

    aussiepint New member

    RR popularer all of a sudden????
  5. Stripey_G

    Stripey_G New member

    Hiya Mac...nice bike!! Welcome to the mad house.. :lol:
  6. Always_a_Civvy

    Always_a_Civvy Supporter - ADC

    Welcome aboard Junior Mac. Hope you'll be a regular contributor, even though Pusser deprived you of the privilege of training in the G Spot!!!

    I'm beginning to feel older as each nozzer confesses to their yoof!

  7. angry_mac

    angry_mac War Hero

    Well sorted the avatar out, bloody resizing it in photoeditor.

    Angry at the mo, coz the ships in refit so therefore most of my time is spent in day room watching daytime telly, now that makes you very angry. Nice you may say doing nothing but then its coming out of refit im really not looking forward to the proceeding 9 months.
  8. angry_mac

    angry_mac War Hero

    Ganges, bloody ell, i see the avatar is nicely appropiate :wink:
  9. dondon

    dondon New member

    Andym will probably send you a "resizer" , welcome to the site by the way , :wink:
  10. Chat_Noir

    Chat_Noir New member

    Welcome angry_mac

    Although its a bit rich me welcoming you as I've just joined myself, but welcome none the less.
  11. tacp

    tacp New member

    I'm new too, top site people and will definetly be a regular unless someone doesnt like ex camouflage wearing monkey's input. Living in N.Z. so if anyone on here is down under too give us a shout.
  12. Bergen

    Bergen Supporter - ADC

    NZ_Bootneck is on South Island in Dunedin.

  13. NZ_Bootneck

    NZ_Bootneck War Hero

    Hi Tacp, just got back from a few days in Queenstown, lots of Guinness consumed, so feeling well relaxed :lol:if a little plump, oh well back to the bike again. Where abouts in NZ are you, a few other RRers have managed to make it past the Dept of Immigration, we should get together for a pi$$ up, even if only 4 turn up that will beat the last London effort :roll:
    Well done for coming onboard now get amongst it!!
  14. tacp

    tacp New member

    cheers , Nice to see some immigrants actually landed in dunyerdein as opposed to the Tropical paradise further north. I'm in Wellington. I'll PM ya rather than hijack this thread re piss up. Sounds like a tub thumping good idea.

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