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Has anybody had much experience hitch hiking in Europe? I travelled to New Zealand last year and did it quite successfully, making about 180-200 miles in a day in about 8 rides.

I've been looking at doing a bit of travelling in Europe - maybe just Germany, depending on funds - and was wondering if anybody has ever done it, or had any notable experiences. For Germany especially, it is often recommended in travel literature. I wouldn't try it in Moldova or Russia, etc.
I did Geneva, Lyon the Toulouse way back in 96. Got laid off the girl who drove Lyon to Toulouse.

You'll probably get bummed by a Polish truck driver in Germany or have a kilo of heroin rammed up you mangina by a Turkish gang. Bonus
I travelled around Central Europe by train earlier in the year using an Interrail pass that gave me unlimited travel for 30 days for £300 (I think). Obviously more expensive than hitch-hiking but a bit more reliable and quite a good way to travel (far, far better than train travel in this country).

They do a range of passes if you want to check them out.
Linky to site


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Scouse_Castaway said:
Or can the hitch hiking and buy this book


and try doing the same. Might make for an interesting thread if you succeed
I was actually thinking of going on a cycling expedition to Scotland, maybe I should go a bit further afield.

Reminds me of a similar rash but exciting travel adventure called 'Playing the Moldovans at Tennis'. The idea of just getting up, and going, and making do with the little that you have has always appealed to me.


Lantern Swinger
Scouse_Castaway said:
Meh, Round Ireland with a Fridge is Hawks' best work. Maybe you should do round ireland on a bike. Or top to bottom UK tour
Haven't read that one yet. I feel the need to make a drunken bet with my mates, seems to be the way these things are done.
Round Ireland dressed as a Roman Catholic Priest....see how far you get before a lynching. :p

Seriously thought, its a great book. Some of the Bill Bryson stuff is funny too.
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