Hit Run Asylum Outrage.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Backpacker1uk, Dec 16, 2010.

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  1. Re: Hit and Run Asylum Seeker to Stay In The Uk

    Shame we have to appeal to a tribunal. Fcuker should have been picked up and taken to the cliffs before being thrown to his doom
  2. Re: Hit and Run Asylum Seeker to Stay In The Uk

    Absolute disgrace. I'm on the outrage bus with this one.

    In this era of austerity I think the first thing we should get rid of is bleeding-heart human rights lawyers who are just out to make a buck from Legal Aid and don't care about the consequences of their actions for the country as a whole.
  3. Re: Hit and Run Asylum Seeker to Stay In The Uk

    *Cough* Cherie Blair *Cough* :p

    Anyhow, I'm sure we will soon see some Lib Dem apologist speak out in support of the decision
  4. Re: Outrage bus anyone

    Belay that; it's already been posted.
    My apologies. :oops:
  5. Re: Hit and Run Asylum Seeker to Stay In The Uk

    Bloody outrageous!

    If we have expended such quantities of blood, sweat and tears in making Iraq a better place without need for further consolidation, why can't this unfeeling idiot return to his newly safe and secure homeland? Ah! of course, he's a Kurd (checks spelling). Presumably he's been offered to Kurdistan? Maybe not because the buggers there probably don't want him either.

    Perhaps I should have "wasted" my Vote on UKIP.
  6. Re: Hit and Run Asylum Seeker to Stay In The Uk

    I heard that Finks needs a new lodger and this guy fits the bill perfectly. ;-)
  7. Re: Outrage bus anyone

    You didn't check first?? I'm outraged.
  8. Re: Hit and Run Asylum Seeker to Stay In The Uk

    :roll: Oh dear.

    To Quote Mr Bumble, 'The laws an ass' and as usual the lawyers will be lining their pockets with taxpayers money. The family of the child have my heartfelt sympathy, they must be sickened by this bloody nonsense.
  9. Re: Outrage bus anyone

    Its outrageous that you get outraged so quickly.

  10. Re: Outrage bus anyone

    That's an outrageous thing to say, never has my out been more raged :twisted:
  11. Re: Hit and Run Asylum Seeker to Stay In The Uk

    Have to agree with you on this one Finks
  12. Re: Outrage bus anyone

    I just went to reply and the thread disappeared . Spooky 8O

    Any way don't say "out" there's a Sussex about :D
  13. If anyone is interested the PM programme on radio 4 interviewed the father of the poor girl and I've never heard a man speak so rationally and eloquently when I would have been fing and blinding had I been in his shoes. Listen to it on iplayer and see what I mean.

    What I don't understand is why is wasn't pointed out that the UK authorities aren't denying him a right to a family life.....if his family want to then they could have buggered off with him. Or would that have been stating the blinding obvious?
  14. Don't believe this would be a good option for his family...unless this wishy washy bunch of judges and politicians can figure out how to send his benefits abroad, perhaps Harriet Harman should be consulted :roll:
  15. So he can stay because flicking his greasy face home would deprive his children of a father?
    Well, a druggie, thieving child killing scumbag father as a rolemodel - is that really in the childrens best interests to hang around a guy like him?
    Add wife beating, alcoholism and beastiality and your describing your average Scots family and I would fancy this Iraqi chunts children would have a better chance of making it up here in a foster home!
    (little self indulgent 'joke' to try and take the edge off the very dark mood I feel about this).

    Im all for immigrants if they can give something back to our country, whether its doing the hard graft jobs our lazy young ones cant be bothered doing, or progressing medicine or science or even getting up early to ensure workmen can get their copy of the daily star before digging up our roads and causing us misery.

    But immigrants are supposed to GIVE something to this country, and all this cnut has done is TAKE.
    First it was simple things like benefits which he spent on drugs and buying cars he was not allowed to drive, then he moved on to taking other peoples possessions.
    Before finally moving on to the ultimate "take" some poor guys little girl.

    Maybe saddam ruled with an iron fist because he knew the instincts of some of his proles let off the loose would cause all this carnage?
  16. All this bollox was covered on the news last night, he is also responsible for numerous burlglaries, done a bit of drugs, oh and guess what, he has recently been caught driving whilst disqualified again !!! The bloke is a complete and utter CNUT !!. get rid of him !!
  17. Like cadetsmum, I also heard Mr Houston speak on PM and agree that his presentation was remarkable. A point he made (or at least led to) is that the fireproof Kurd acquired his "family" (not married) after the killing (if someone leaves the victim of their crap driving to die underneath the car, running off to save his own freedom, what else is it but a killing?) and, therefore, twice had the opportunity not have that "family". Mr Houston also made the point that Iraq is now supposed to be a safe place to bring up children.

    At ENDEX, the only winners here will be the parasitic legal shitehawks (didn't Scouse_Castaway mention that bloody Blare woman).
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I watched his interview on Sky news last night. Where does the queue for a bus ticket start? :angry7:

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