Discussion in 'History' started by CHOPSR, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. I am trying to find the ships motto for HMS Ranger.
    Anybody got any ideas, I have searched the internet and not found anything yet.

  2. I know a few Sick Bay ones!!!!
  3. If you mean the little student cadet boat thing, I would suggest getting on Facebook and looking at their group, someone there should know.


    Failing that Soleil will be along shortly with a more sensible answer.
  4. Not all RN ships have been assigned mottos and none is listed against HMS Ranger in the authoritative 'Badges and Battle Honours of HM Ships' by Lt Cdr K. V. Burns DSM, RN and others (Maritime Books, 1986).
  5. Thanks Guys, perhaps I will have to make one up, any ideas !!
  6. Left a bit, right a bit, Fire.
  7. As JFH has said, the only rangers I knew were sickbay ones. Perhaps Elastoplast and Brufen could be incorporated.
  8. 'Further and Farther' ?

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