history of roles

ive got my interview at my locl AFCO soon and was told that i should know a little history of the role that i want to apply for.
my first choice was Communications and Informations Systems specialist and my second was Communications Tech
ive looked on the web and even took out some books from the library but so far drawing a blank
can any body help; wud be very grateful :wink:
For CIS read Radio Operator (with IT skills thrown in)...as for the CT you won't find too much about them as the tend to be very secretive about their doings..

Sequence of the name is something along the lines...Radio Operator begat Operator Mechanic (Comms) begat CIS branch.

CIS is a lot more IT related nowadays tho'

You've almost certainly got these in hard copy but, just in case, make sure you've read through the following bits carefully. It might be useful if you print out each section separately; print out the bit about what is included in the interview which I sent you before, as well. Get a selection of coloured highlighter pens and highlight a line in the interview question post (by Ninja) e.g. how long is training? what about pay? etc. and then highlight the relevant answers in these pages in the same colour you chose for the question.












Radio Operators until sometime in the 1950s were called Wireless Telegraphists (W/T). There were also the Signalmen who operated flags. The RN removed flag semaphore from the training curriculum at HMS Ganges in 1967.
thanks for all the replies;; :thumbup:
passed the tests and managed to get in to coms (CIS)
after that got my interview date and sailed through that and the medical
now alls thats left is to do my fitness test and ill be in for september once my GCSE's are over !!!!!! :D
thanks again :thumbleft:
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