Historic Warship Trust - Birkenhead

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Fletch, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. Done.

    cant believe they are closed - they give free overnighters to Sea Cadet Units too.

  2. Done. It's outrageous that they're closing this down, it's a fantastic historical and educational resource. Hopefully they'll find another site.
  3. Isn't Merseyside getting a load of cash for being the Capital of Culture in 2008? Surely they should be able to get some funding through that?
  4. You'd think so wouldn't you? However, I wouldn't hold my breath!
  5. Thanks all, pass the message on and keep this thread on the first page !!! I'm pretty sure the petition is being read in high places as we speak !!

    It would be good if "Big Ears" got on the bandwagon and tried to help out with the Bronington as he WAS her skipper !!

    :( :( :(
  6. I imagine 534 and Bronington could find customers.

    Can Plymouth still make steam?
  7. I think NOT. A bunch of us visited her during a mega run-ashore in September '04 and we got the impression that she would need a load of TLC before she could be able to make steam. Sadly, since then, she may have deteriorated, THROUGH NO FAULT of those looking after her, further. For those of us that served aboard this class (I'm ex-Lowestoft '71-'73) it was a VERY nostalgic trip but it is now a wee bit sad to think that this venerable Falklands Veteran and part of the Country's Heritage may just rot away, unloved all because of "big business". Of course that goes for the other two Pusser's vessels too. Bronington was shut down a while before Plymouth as she was not in a fit state to take visitors. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS COUNTRY - I'm at a loss !!!

    As the "idiots in charge of the Assylum of Westminster" appear to be hell bent on destroying the traditions, existence and espirit de corps of certain British Army units, I guess you Brown Jobs can understand that we Fish Heads feel the same way about our old fighting machines and, yes, HOMES !!!

    :( :( :( :( :(
  8. Although the Trust is shutting down, it might not be quite as bad as it first seems.

    I've had a bit of a ring around, and apparently the National Historic Ships Unit which runs out of the National Maritime Museum has been on the case for quite some time. Martin Heighton in the Unit is working with the Trust to find a solution - i.e. a new site.

    Martin is on e-mail. [email protected] and can give an update, but could I suggest we ask the moderator to e-mail for a sitrep? At the moment his priority should be helping the Trust not answering lots of different e-mails.
  9. Interesting, l_j, maybe our Oppo from the HMS Plymouth website on [email protected] can be included in the loop if he is not aware of Martin. The bigger the sphere of influence and protest the better eh ?
  10. Surely this is just what the Lottery was set up for?
  11. Don't hold your breath for the lottery. If your a one legged Afghan lesbian pogo player you might have a chance.

    The notice of the shut down has appeared on the ganges and Barrow submariners sites and got a good response

  12. there is no petition at the link given mate........
  13. It is a great pity that HMS Plymouth cannot be brought back to Chatham for two reasons:
    1. When she was in commission , she was based here and
    2. The Chatham Historic Dockyard has done some sterling work in restoring HMS Cavalier and HMS Gannet. Maybe Plymouth needs the Chatham touch.
  14. I've signed that petition.
    Does anyone know how many have signed it?

    good to see that someone is trying to save our navy heritage instead of just sinking it or scrapping it or selling it....

    is that other site connected to this one? because thats got a forum as well.... :?
  15. Surely with all the spare berths on the Liverpool side of the Mersey one corner could be found but do not despair yet:-
    The latest from Birkenhead.....The Historic Warship collection at Birkenhead closed on 6th February and liquidators appointed as no long term berth is available for the ships (PLYMOUTH : ONYX : BRONINGTON, LCT 7074 and U534). A meeting is being held tonight (Friday) by the cabinet of Wirral Borough Council to discuss the possible way forward. Many hundreds of thousands of pounds have be en offered by a local benefactor to keep the ships on Merseyside - but he has no berth!
  16. What about some of the deserted RN bases?Got to be room for it there somewhere?
  17. Didn't the Cavalier Assoc have a hard time getting her saved. Only managed it at the last minute

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