Discussion in 'History' started by Leatherneck, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. Received this book from my missus on my 45th birthday. I had often qouted Winston Churchill, and often spoke of his wisdom. This book is a real gem, the speeches are timeless and are a pleaure to read even by today's standard's. Always liked his trademark cigar and scant appearances with a British bulldog. Thanks for allowing me to share my opinions


  2. Great man and statesman.

    There is another book probably out of print now with his speeches
    called 'Churchill Speaks'' 1897---1963 just about captures all of his
    major notable speeches and some of the smaller quotable ones .

    Interesting reading

    :nemo: :nemo:
  3. A great man and statesman until after the War was won. His speeches are near poetry.
  4. Thank you, the missus gave me the book as a birthday gift. Will look for the book you suggested, just the reading I like. :thumright:
  5. His speaches are near poetry without a doubt, he had the ability to get people to believe in themselves. A much needed talent both Military and civilian. He had been in the trenches himself and had been in war, he understood first hand.
  6. I have a vinyl record of his wartime speeches, complete with crackles. Nice to hear them from the great man's himself.
  7. So very true. The man had a voice to go with his speeches, that made his words seem poetice (my opinion).

    Every now and again, I catch him on a WorldWar 2 documentary on the tellie. Could listen to him for endless hours, he inspires me.
  8. Not such a great man from where most Australians sit. Standing by for incoming.
  9. I'm now under the impression that British and Allied Victory (including the US) was hinged on his speeches and leadership.

    He had been experienced as a soldier in the trenches all the way to Statesman, he did things very traditionally, a no non-sense kinda man.
  10. I,ve got a boxed set of L.Ps with Sir Winstons speeches on them, Cracking Stuff, very inspiring.
  11. Brilliant! All I have is a book, but admire Sir Winston greatly.
  12. Heard a dit from an old dear who was a friend of the family in South London where i grew up. She used to work in the typing pool at number 10 during WW2 and saw Winnie on a regular basis. He used to know all the girls and his staff by name and would hand out fivers out of his own pocket to staff to make sure they were seen alright!! This nice old dear didn't have a bad word to say about him.
  13. Sounds like a good deal to me. A man of his caliber, caring about people and looking after them. Good for Moral too.
  14. He took the rap for Gallipoli as he was politically responsible. However IMHO that's as far as his responsibility lies. There are others who should share the burden of responsibility, but of course it's easier to pin the blame on one person.

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