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Hip Hip Ra


Can anyone help resolve a family dispute?

I recall that the traditional RN form of 3 cheers was hip, hip, ra - later modified to come in line with the hiphiphooray we all now know.

Am I right?

My kids think this is merely another piece of nautical folly/senility!


during the 60's, we escorted the yacht on a tour of the british isles. final act was to "cheer ship". instructions at that time were that it would be "hip hip hip - hurrah" note 3 "hips" and hurrah (not hurray). probably all changed now to save time!
Whilst practising " Cheer Ship" prior to Royal Visit, after several goes at Hip, Hip, Hooray, the skipper said that our Hips were too far apart, a stoker from the rear shouted " So are yours, you slack assed barsteward!!
Stokes was never ratted on.
I've always known it as Hip, Hip, Hoorah, not hooray. Not that it makes a shit load of difference when you hear 300+ blokes forced to spontaneously say it, sounds just like 300 blokes spontaneously saying hooray.


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Did several "man and cheer" occasions in the '50s and '60s. It was always emphasized that the correct form was "Hip! Hip! Hurrah!".

The "Hips", however many, came from the Jimmy over the ship's broadcast, the "Hurrah" was the reply from the ship's company.



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When I was informed about it we we told it was Hoorah not Hooray which ever way you spell them, and this was during 90's and early 00's

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