Hip Hip Hip Hip Hur-ray, The Lockerbie bomber is dead today

Don't give a toss guilty or no.

The whole thing fucked up my life for more years than I care to reflect on. May he rot in hell.
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Ah the voice of reason. The Eye did a special on it - well Paul Foot who's not a bad journo did it and the Eye published it. Not that it concerns Waspie Private Eye | Official Site

Seems that most Brits have an attention span that can be measured in nano-seconds. Does anyone recall:-

1. That it was Maggie Thatcher who prevented an independent inquiry into the worst terrorist atrocity on British soil after pressure from the Septics.

2. That she also agreed to play down the bombing because there was strong evidence that it had been carried out in revenge for the US attack on an Iranian civilian airliner on a scheduled flight into Dubai.

3. That a secret prosecution witness in the original trial, was found to have been bribed by the US authorities. He was exposed as a CIA informer who stood to collect $4m if the Libyans were convicted.

4. That one of the original CIA investigators (Robert Baer) explained that Megrahi was released to prevent his appeal, which undoubtedly would have succeeded "because the evidence amassed by [Megrahi's] appeal is explosive and extremely damning to the system of justice." New witnesses would show that it was impossible for Megrahi to have bought clothes that were found in the wreckage of the Pan Am aircraft - he was convicted on the word of a Maltese shop-owner who claimed to have sold him the clothes, then gave a false description of him in 19 separate statements and even failed to recognize him in the courtroom.

5. That new evidence would have shown that a fragment of a circuit board and bomb timer, "discovered" in the Scottish countryside and said to have been in Megrahi's suitcase, was probably a plant. A forensic scientist found no trace of an explosion on it. The new evidence would demonstrate the impossibility of the bomb beginning its journey in Malta before it was "transferred" through two airports undetected to Flight 103.

6. That in 2007, the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission referred Megrahi's case for appeal. "The commission is of the view," said its chairman, Graham Forbes, "based upon our lengthy investigations, the new evidence we have found and other evidence which was not before the trial court, that the applicant may have suffered a miscarriage of justice."

Megrahi was convicted on the evidence of Tony Gauci, a Maltese shop-keeper who was described by Judge Fraser as 'being an apple short of a picnic' - he received a $2m bribe..err reward from the Septics.

Megrahi was more than likely innocent of any involvement and this also seems to be the opinion of Dr. Jim Swire, who probably knows more about the case than anyone.

Here is an article from The Scotsman:-

DR JIM Swire, whose daughter Flora was killed in the bombing said today that the reported death of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was a “very sad event”.
Dr Swire, a member of the Justice for Megrahi (JFM) group, believes there is evidence yet to be released that will prove Megrahi’s innocence.
“It’s a very sad event,” he told Sky News.
“I met him last time face-to-face in Tripoli in December last year, when he was very sick and in a lot of pain.
“But he still wanted to talk to me about how information which he and his defence team have accumulated could be passed to me after his death.
“And I think that’s a fairly amazing thing for a man who knows he’s dying to do.
Dr Swire added: “Right up to the end he was determined - for his family’s sake, he knew it was too late for him, but for his family’s sake - how the verdict against him should be overturned.
“And also he wanted that for the sake of those relatives who had come to the conclusion after studying the evidence that he wasn’t guilty, and I think that’s going to happen.”
David Ben-Ayreah, a spokesman for the victims of Lockerbie families, said: “I was told seven days ago by very good sources in Tripoli that he was slipping in and out of quite deep comas, that the secondary tumours had affected his abdomen and lower chest, and that he had had three blood transfusions.
“His death is to be deeply regretted.
“As someone who attended the trial I have never taken the view that Megrahi was guilty.
“Megrahi is the 271st victim of Lockerbie.”
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1. That it was Maggie Thatcher who prevented an independent inquiry into the worst terrorist atrocity on British soil after pressure from the Septics.
There was a pretty thorough and IIRC well received Fatal 'Accident' Inquiry which concluded among other things that the atrocity was preventable.

I also recalling a visiting Israeli detective (yeah right) being quoted as saying 'consider Syrians on behalf of Iran in retaliation for flight 655'.

If Megrahi is guilty, what is certain is that contrary to the OP's opinion, he's wasn't the (singular) Lockerbie Bomber.


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I rather think that mass murder, justice and the more thoughtful posters' contributions deserve more gravitas than there is in your underachieving post Handler.
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